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Banoffee Pie at the Whitehorses Restaurant!

We were delighted to be part of the Morning Show on TV3, during which we mentioned that it is the local experience we aim for. The places that the locals fall in love with and return again and again. It is the little things that make your trip, like knowing if you visit Ardmore in Co. Waterford, then a visit to the Whitehorses is a must as the Banoffee Pie is “the best thing you will ever taste”. Following the interview, we decided this beautiful Banoffee pie needed a blog post of its own to tell people how amazing it is… trust us desserts at the Whitehorse will be one of your fondest memories.


The Whitehorses is a dream of a restaurant. As you enter the doors you are greeted with a very warm, cosy and vibrant atmosphere, followed by friendly staff to welcome you. OnTheQT  had lunch in the Whitehorse on numerous occasions. The restaurant is always buzzing with regulars who know the secret….that there food is the best around(It is worth it to travel to Ardmore on a Sunday for Sunday lunch in the Whitehorse). The Whitehorse is a favourite of the locals and it is the local gems we adore. Nobody knows the gems better then the locals! During a recent visit, we tried the bowl of superb wholesome chunky seafood chowder and it was delicious (already we cannot  wait to go back and order it again). Some of our favourite dishes to order for main courses are the seafood pancake, roast dishes, salmon, plaice and steak. Each dish is delicious and wholesome and will make you go back time after time.


Desserts are a must in this restaurant.  As mentioned on the ‘Morning Show’ on TV3 by us, the Banoffee Pie is “the best thing you will ever taste”. The display of delicious, luscious,  desserts catch your eye as soon as you enter the restaurant. Throughout your meal, you are thinking of which dessert you will try from the counter top. The old style counter top displays the most delicious, rich desserts and the fun of picking them out as you look through the glass is the best part of the meal. A little gem is the fact that you can mix and match your desserts, having a little bit of this and a little bit of that! They are all amazing so it is a tough choice. (QT TIP: Remember our QT motto….STRESSED IS DESSERTS BACKWARDS!).

The Whitehorses in Ardmore where the banoffee pie is “the best thing you will ever taste”.

Whitehorses Restuarant:  024 94040

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