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20 Unforgettable Destinations to Go in 2017

Yes, I know we are all well into the New Year but it’s this time of the year we can get into a rut and forget about all the wonderful places we wanted to visit in 2017. So, I feel it’s time to refresh those minds and share some travel inspiration with you all for your 2017 travel bucket list. I have teamed up with Heffernan’s Travel in Cork to share 20 unforgettable destinations to go in 2017. Check out some of my favourite destinations all over the world and a few destinations I can’t wait to tick off my bucket list.


You will find very little to complain about in Switzerland… picture-perfect castles, villages, hot chocolate in a chalet strewn with geranium boxes, red mountain train rides between mountains… it really has it all! Linguistic dexterity, cultural diversity, mountain vistas, heavenly chocolate, and natural landscapes so extrodinarily magnificent – even the gods get goosebumps! Go on… go there!


A hundred million dollars worth of pirate treasure may lurk nearby… but I assure you it wont bother you! When you’re in this tropical Indian Ocean paradise, surrounded by white – sand beaches, intoxicating waters and swaying palm trees laden with exotic fruits.. you’ll already feel like the richest person on the planet! The 115 islands of the Seychelles were uninhabited until the 18th century – many still are!


Queenstown is a place which is absolutely buzzing. There are people everywhere, people with skis, people with snowboards, everyone wrapped up warm and grabbing hot chocolates or beers, everyone busy.  Although a reasonably small town, it’s easy to get lost among the retro ski bars, with outdoor fires and cosy snugs, or the delightful cafes inviting you in for a welcome hot chocolate.  It is a small few streets bursting with amazing restaurants just waiting to satisfy you after a wonderful day on the slopes.  Queenstown is the ultimate experience, a vibrant town, which will always leave you wanting to come back for more.Our travel blogger Maire Barry recently explored New Zealand and shared her experiences with us.


I just couldn’t include a list of places to see in 2017 without mentioning Ireland. The place I have explored the most in my list, always captures my heart and even still I am finding new gems and treasures. There is beauty around every corner. Check out all our adventures in Ireland here.


Cambodia is slowly being unveiled as a key destination on the Asia overland trail. Attractions included awe inspiring temples of Angkor, swirling yellow waters of the Mekong, monks in saffron robes, motorcycle traffic jams and chaotic markets in Phnom Penh… sounds pretty interesting eh?



In Slovakia folk traditions still hold sway, family life is paramount and no one is particularly bothered by glitz and glamour. The country offers a wealth of outdoor attractions with well-marked paths criss-crossing forested hills, the High Tatras mountains and Mala Fatra National Park. Stately castles, picturesque villages with wooden churches and gothic cities punctuate the landscape.


A country bursting with bustling cities, adventures and the . Why not spend a few weeks exploring cities like Vancouver(one of our ultimate favourite spots) or Toronto. Then be sure to pencil in some outdoor adventures while you are there. Whistler is known as the adventure capital of the world… one not to miss. Check out all our adventures and experiences in Canada here.


Lonely Planet has named Asheville, North Carolina as the number one place to visit in the USA in 2017. The French Broad River offers a little piece of heaven away from the civilisation with the picturesque background of the Blue Ridge Mountains,


Boracay, one of the many sunshine islands which make up the Philippines! Spend your days swimming in the warm turquoise sea, sun bathing on the beach and exploring the beautiful shops on the island!The perfect island getaway. I wasn’t the slightest bit surprised when I learnt that Boracay was voted the best island in the entire world in 2012! Travel blogger Lauren shares her experience with us.


This is a country which is on our  bucket list for 2017. A country full of picture perfect towns, chalets in the mountains and peace and tranquility all around. This year is way named as one of the destinations of National Geographic’s Best Trips for 2017.


Lisbon is a city known for its café culture, fade music and colourful landscape. A city you will get lost exploring the cobbled streets and a city steeped in hidden gems. Check out our top things to do in Lisbon.


Vintage cars, unique architecture and no social media influences!! Go there before it all changes and looses its uniqueness. Our travel blogger Denis went on a trip and shared his experience with us.


We all might know of Kauai from the Jurassic movies and lots of other feature films. This year is way named as one of the destinations of National Geographic’s Best Trips for 2017.The island offers jaw-dropping views – Na Pali Coast sea cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and much more. It is the perfect spot to take a trail and explore with many marked hiking paths throughout.


From quirky ethnic neighbourhoods and world class museums to historic temples it is the perfect city break.  Check out travel blogger Lauren’s experience in Singapore.


Experience the beauty of the country firsthand, bathing in hot-coloured springs, kayaking through a fjord or crunching across a dazzling white icecap. The landscape is infectious: hidden energy and a desire to change the world are typical Icelandic traits!


Cape Cod is one of my favourite places in the world. A place dear to my heart with people I adore and cherish. It’s true how people always make a place and it is certainly true with the amazing family and friends I have on Cape Cod. There is no place like Cape Cod – the beaches, the water, the adventures and the friendly people. It’s one for your bucket list for 2017.


Australia is as big as your imagination! From endless sunbaked plains to dense tropical rainforest and wild souther beaches, Australia’s main attraction is its natural beauty! Scattered along the coast its cities blend a European enthusiasm for art and food with a passionate love of sport and the outdoors.


Finland has long been regarded as the least prominent, and the most quirky enigmatic of the Nordic countries. It is for the most part, a land of tranquillity; a vast expanse of forests and lakes – there is something so pure in the Finnish air that it draws you outdoors all year round! Afterwards, head to the sauna, one of the most essential elements of Finnish culture!


Malawi is a landlocked country in South East Africa, bordered by Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique, although is dominated by its lake – alternately known as Lake Malawi, Lake Nyasa or ‘ Lake of the Stars’… but this gem of a country has so much more to offer! The country has beautiful and diverse landscapes, ranging from dramatic peaks to rolling grasslands, from hills and waterfalls to a tropical shoreline. Its national parks are home to Zebras, Impalas, Crocodiles, Hippos and an abundance of exotic birds! Traditional cultures still thrive in villages and on the islands in Lake Malawi. There is so much to do in this stunning landscape you’ll be sure to enjoy your visit.


Would you believe that if you visited an island a day, you’d have over 8 years of perfect adventure in the Bahamas, where some 3,100 islands dot the glistening water. Hundreds are no bigger than a mere limestone spit poking above the water, but others such as Eleuthera are more than 150km in length! The majority of the Bahamas is made up of long linear sandy playgrounds for sunseekers, who enjoy the balmy year round climate, while cities such as Nassau have a vibrant commercial beat – you can also head out to the appropriately named out islands – where the only voice you may hear is your own!

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