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Barcelona Day 3

We are delighted to share our new blog post with our next vlog from our Barcelona series. In the video, we had booked ourselves a time slot of 9am to visit the wonderful Park Guell and so it was another early start on day 3 of our Spanish adventure. We were quickly becoming professionals at using the underground, in fact we barely needed to look at the map anymore! After arriving at the correct station, we spotted a little bakery with fresh breads and cakes. With a cup of coffee in one hand and a warm sweet pastry in the other, we began our incline walk to Park Güell with the morning sunshine beating down on us. The park which is located on Carmel Hill was designed by Gaudi and it’s original intention was a luxury housing estate. It is now open to the public who come in their thousands to admire the delicate mosaic creations and the surrounding gardens. We were blown away by the intrinsic detail of the park… it is definitely worth a visit.

After making our way back into the centre, we enjoyed some tapas and flamenco dancing in the Barri Gòtic. We then headed to La Boqueira which is one of the best food markets in the world. The stalls displayed everything from homemade fresh juices, exotic fruits, luxury nuts, cheeses from around the world… pretty much everything a foodie could wish for! There was a designated section for meats, seafood and a range of different restaurants all under the one roof. We even got a chance to learn how to cook the famous Spanish dish paella and for dessert we made our own delicious crepes with our new friend Pablito. As it was a particularly hot day outside (30 degrees), we decided to take a rest at the beach for a while. After a refreshing swim in the Mediterranean, we were all set for another eventful evening!

We had heard about a place called Mont Juic and decided to see what all the fuss was about. We took a cable car up the mountain and made it just in time to see the sunset. As we climbed higher and higher in the cable car, the sky grew pinker as the sun went down and the city became smaller beneath us. It was magical! From the top, we could see the entire city and beyond. We admired the world around us and the city beneath us, which we have fallen in love with.

However, there was no time to waste as we had a fountain display to catch at the bottom of the mountain. Lucky for us we happen to ask the right person for directions – a friendly man out on a run who didn’t realise we were joking when we said we would run along with him! We ended up running alongside him down the side of the mountain with him for almost 5 kilometers (with all our equipment!) as he told us different stories about the city and his favourite places to go. He even showed us the 1992 Olympic Stadium and brought us into the Olympic swimming pool! What a nice guy! It really must have been comical to see us running along after him in dresses, equipment and flip flops! We found the fountain display which light up the entire night sky with its water acrobatics in sync to music and lighting effects. What an end to a perfect day.

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