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farm, Clonakilty

There is something so warming about walking into a restaurant that’s family run…perhaps its knowing the amount of sheer hard work that has been poured into the operation, or perhaps there is just a sense of home about it…. either way we were welcomed with open arms by Aoife when we arrived at the relatively new “farm” restaurant in Clonakilty, Co. Cork.

Although located on the main street, it feels like a different world as soon as you enter! I instantly fell in love with the quirky décor of this cosy restaurant.  The chic, yet vintage character is clearly defined with different gadgets and artefacts scattered around the place, colourful bunting hanging on the walls, handmade menus, and miniature bunches of wild flowers on every table! The best part is the black and white movie projected onto the wall for customers to watch as they wait for the delicious meal!

The food at farm is made 100% entirely from scratch! We even went into the kitchen to investigate such a statement and found Aoifes’ husband (Jason) who has an impressive culinary career behind him working on everything from delicate starters, wholesome dinners, and delicious desserts using primarily local ingredients for the night ahead!

In line with the creative, boutique.. yet simple nature of this fabulous restaurant we were served home-made popcorn along with artisan bread whilst waiting for our order! As I ran my finger down the wine menu I realised they make a  conscious effort to support other family run producers and small scale suppliers in all aspects of their restaurant… including those who make fantastic wine! (Which you can also take-away!)

As expected the food we were served was simple, yet had an interesting flavour profile and very unique ingredients! It was a  mouth-watering dining experience!

I highly recommend a trip to this wonderful, relaxing restaurant where you will be encouraged to switch off, relax and make some memories with your friends and family while satisfying your palette… don’t even ask for the wifi code, just have fun! x

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