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Goldenwest College Flea Market, Southern California!

Blogger: Lauren Lucy Crowley

If rummaging through layers of clothes to find a new top, haggling with shopkeepers for some fresh fruit, or even bartering for a good deal on your favourite books and dvd’s sounds like fun to you… then you’ll love the swap exchange meeting at Goldenwest College, in Southern California every Saturday and Sunday.

Once you enter the market it’s like stepping into a whole new world. There is an electric buzz in the air as the young and old scurry through the stalls in a search for the best of the bargains.

Hidden around every corner and pathway you’ll find something exciting that will catch your eye! It is almost safe to say you can purchase anything your imagination could dream of at the Goldenwest swap exchange; from jewellery to furniture, fresh fruit, fish, flowers, musical instruments, pets, surfboards, electronics, bikes, and books…. I guarantee you a bargain hunter will arrive back to the car with their hands full!

My favourite stall is usually nestled right at the very back of the market. It sells 1000’s of books in immaculate condition, all stacked in different boxes depending on their topic. There are books on cooking, dog grooming, languages, best selling novels, classical stories, children’s books, gardening books… something to suit everyone…..and the best part? Every single book costs a mere $1.00!

The booths in attendance, their locations and the goods they sell change on a weekly basis, which makes it all the more exciting if you wish to return on a regular basis!

The market is open every Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 3pm, hail, rain, snow or sunshine throughout the year, (excluding any major holidays). It is located in the parking lot of Goldenwest campus (cross streets Edinger and Centre Ave.). Admission is free, and there is plenty free parking at the rear of the campus, (which is well sign posted on arrival).

There is a superb selection of lunch vendors to choose from and water fountains throughout the campus to keep you hydrated while you haggle!

QT Tips:

  • I recommend arriving early on the Saturday morning before the major hustle and bustle to get scoop up the best deals.
  • It is best to wear comfortable shoes and clothes! Since it is an outdoor market, it is extremely hot, and it could take up to 3 or 4 hours to wander around to each booth.
  • Most stalls only accept cash so its best to take a trip to the nearby ATM at Bella Terra mall before arriving to avoid any disappointment!


Happy bargain hunting!

Blogger: Lauren Lucy Crowley
Lauren is a born and bred Cork girl currently exploring and living in Southern California. She loves all things food, hiking, outdoor markets/ thrift stores and anything to do with animals. Keep an eye out here for her blog posts featuring some of her favourite gems throughout Southern California, and her upcoming trip around the world including Hawaii, Africa, Vietnam and Thailand.
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