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Food & Music in the Drawing Room

Blogger: Elke O’Mahony

Food event organiser, broadcaster, food writer and professional enthusiast.

How did you stumble upon your gem? Longueville House is long famous in County Cork and beyond for their excellent food and service. A recent visit to Mallow gave the perfect opportunity to join in for their delicious Sunday Lunch.

Your Experience:  The service in Longueville House is second to none. Combined with a beautiful surround and excellent prepared food makes this a gem not to be missed when in North Cork. The gardens invite for relaxed walks and the drawing room sets you back to times gone by.

QT Tips: Longueville House is a beautiful spot in the Mallow area in North Cork. The country house has been in the family for generations and they are famous across the country for their excellent food. They are great supporters of local talent and producers and have now added a midweek
music & food event series. Once a month on a Wednesday (next on is 13th August) guests are treated to a 2 course supper, a drink of choice
followed by a private concert.

August Event: The August event will bring Anna Mitchel and John Blek to Longueville House. Extremely successful already, they will be transforming the drawing room of Longueville House into a relaxed private soiree where guests can forget the outside
world. Combing food and music is not a new concept but adding a beautiful surround like Longueville House is.

Describe it in 5 words: Excellence, Elegance, Beautiful, True, Stunning

Your favourite thing about your QT gem:  It has to be the food but the events are awesome as well. Going to Longueville House will leave you smiling.

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