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Evening Time at Ballyquin Beach

Tide pools, rock fishing and beautiful sand are just some of the gems of Ballyquin beach that makes it a QT favourite!  Ballyquin beach is located just 1km off the R673 4km northeast of Ardmore. (Tip: A small signpost will point you in the direction but be on the lookout for it…it is off the beaten track). With the long summer evenings, OnTheQT decided to check out Ballyquin Beach one evening! Ballyquin beach is always a favourite here in OnTheQT but to our surprise, we learnt how much Ballyquin offers in the evening time. The beach was filled with lots of activities, from fishing and walking to camping and swimming. So much to do in such a peaceful location!

As we strolled down the beach, we came across a man beach fishing. Surf fishing will get you lots of Flatfish and the odd Bass, even a Sea-Trout (hopefully). It was great to watch him relaxing and taking it easy, while watching the sun go down.

Camping is another activity that OnTheQT came across in Ballyquin and you seriously cannot get a better location than Ballyquin beach. Pitch your tent overlooking the amazing beach and wake up to an amazing view! What is not to love?!

Ballyquin has so much to offer, but OnTheQT discovered something new! Evening time at Ballyquin beach brings a whole new set of adventures! Check out our top tips to try some summer evening!


Our Top 5 Evening Tips at Ballyquin Beach:

  1. Weather Permitting – An evening swim as the sun goes down is always a great end to a summer’s day(even if it is with a wet suit, it is Ireland after all!!)
  2. A relaxing kayak along Ballyquin Beach, watching the sun setting over Ardmore Bay.
  3. Beach fishing is a local favourite and a great way to spend an evening unwinding.
  4. Make a night of it and camp on the grass near Ballyquin.
  5. A evening strole on the beach is a lovely treat in the day.




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