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Day 28 – San Fran to Vancouver

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Today began with an early morning start to catch our flight to begin our next adventures in Canada. A full 2 weeks of adventures ahead of us in Vancouver. We are very excited as some family and friends are joining our adventures in the next few days also.

We flew from San Francisco to LA to Vancouver. The views along the coast to LA were amazing. Similarly, we had amazing views of Mount Baker and the beautiful countryside flying from LA to Vancouver. Breathtaking…

We did a home exchange(similar to Florida) in Vancouver with HomeExchange.com. We exchanged houses, cars and local information. We were collected by one of their family members Matt and brought to our home for the next few weeks. The most amazing house located in west Vancouver overlooking Vancouver bay/harbour. Amazing…. we couldn’t have asked for a nicer place.

As we were going non stop the past few weeks, we enjoyed having a base and relaxed for a few hours in the amazing house. We needed this after our travels. What really struck us was that it felt like home as we landed with the amazing green feels all around. It almost made us home sick for Ireland. We cooked a lovely meal in the house which was so nice after eating out so much the past few weeks. Nothing beats a home cooked meal.  The grocery stores here are so amazing and healthy… such a great lifestyle. Somehow I think we are going to LOVE it here. Looking forward to starting into the big adventures tomorrow…

Over and out for now from Vancouver,


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