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Schilling, Barcleona

There’s nothing quite like a good tasty  meal when you’ve been on your feet all day…… having been given a recommendation for a restaurant just off Las Ramblas in Barcelona, we were very excited to try it out! With four tired feet, and two large appetites, we set out with our directions through the meandering cobblestone streets.




We didn’t quite know if we were headed in the right direction or not… and although we has been in the city for 4 days our Spanish hadn’t improved in the slightest, so I began to doubt if we were ever going to find it! We paused to take a pit stop and re-examine our route… when conveniently we noticed the restaurant on our left hand side! We were standing right outside it! With subtle outdoor décor, it stood proudly on the street corner, perhaps for only those who knew about it to enjoy –  as it would have been so easy to walk past it!As soon as we entered a waiter hurried over to us, sat us down and handed us the menus (he must have known how hungry we were!). He was exceptionally warm and friendly, laughing and joking with us about our Irish accents! After explaining the specials of the day, he gave us very detailed recommendations about what drinks we should choose! There is something so welcoming when waiters are so helpful, makes you feel right at home!

The interior décor was elegant with a modern twist, the building had a high rise ceiling, and long narrow windows which gave an old school house feel to the place. One entire wall was lined with bottles of wine – both new and old which had a fantastic visual affect! We sat comfortably in our window table, peering out at those passing by…  there is something so relaxing about sitting down watching others scurry by trying to get their chores done!



Our food was absolutely delicious. We both ordered  the Schilling burger. It was so simple, so classic and so satisfying. In typical Spanish traditional I also ordered  a glass of  the fruitiest house Sangria I’ve ever tried to celebrate what a successful trip we had! Truly fantastic dining experience!


Highly recommend dining at this delicious hidden gem right in the heart of Barcelona city! Who ever said hidden gems had to be in remote locations were very wrong! 🙂



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