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Aussie Adventure – Day 5

Blogger: Pat Lynch

Day 5 – The Day Before The Trip – 6th July

One day to go! Up at 8.30am having had a poor nights sleep. Awake during the night for several hours due to jet lag or excitement about the trip.  I cannot believe all I have learned so far. Today is food preparation day. All our other 4 trip mates arrive at 12 noon and I meet them all for the first time. I am impressed with their jeeps and the level of sophistication  within them. Two of the jeeps have computers on board with GPS systems. These can show the exact coordination as to where we are at any one time. We then go to the nearby store with a completed list that was planned out for every meal for the 2 weeks. We certainly will not starve….

  • 14 sliced pans
  • 36 tomatoes
  • 10 large jars of fruit cocktail
  • Matches
  • 2 heads of lettuce
  • 10 cans of salmon
  • 2 cooked chickens (and the list goes on and on…

Five trolleys later and $861 spent (about €500) between the 6 of us we leave the store. A lady say our trolley and said we were the guys that cleaned out the front counter!!! A large box of meat is collected from the butcher of beef, chicken, pork and sausages. We head back to Robs house where we sort it into the various boxes. Breakfast goes in one van, lunch in another and dinner in another. The fridges are now on in the vans and we are ready to go! I go for a meal with Rob’s family in Freemantle at a lovely fish restaurant and return back to get to bed by 11pm. Unfortunately, jet lag or excitement are catching up with me again and I now lie awake at 2am writing up my journal as I cannot sleep. We rise in the morning at 6am for a departure of 7am. Tomorrow we travel 800km north on a motorway which will be one of our longest driving days. We plan to drive 8 hours with a changeover of drivers every hour! I CANNOT WAIT!

Stay tuned tomorrow as we get on the road filled with adventure!!


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