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Aussie Adventure – Day 4

Blogger: Pat Lynch

Day 4 – Preparations 5th July

Woke at 9.30 this morning after a great nights sleep. Had breakfast with Rob and Jill and Rob took me through an outline of the trip and showed me photos of past trips. I was blown away as to what I was about to see over the next 2 weeks. I also watched a movie which covered more of the trip we were about to undertake where the last two aboriginals were found alive in the desert and were brought back into civilisation. The film gave me a great understanding of the history of ancient Australia.


Rob and I started loading the jeep with necessities. Each van had its own fridge and one had a freezer. We carried 3 spare tyres on our van as it is normal to get several punctures each day. The ground we will be covering is stoney and tyres get burst and punctured very easily. The punctures are repaired each evening as the sun goes down as it is too hot during the day to repair them and we do not have the time. 6 large cans are placed on the roof of the jeep which can store 120 litres of diesel. As the moment, they are empty and we plan to fill them on the last filling station 3 days into the trip. Large 20 litres plastic drums are used to store water and are secured inside the back of the jeep. These will be filled again at various water holes which are few and far between during the next two weeks. A table for 6 and chairs for Rob and I are stored on top of the jeep.  A tent was packed in case it rained but we plan to sleep in a sleeping bag in a swag outdoors each night. Temperatures get down to freezing and we sleep with a woolen hat on our heads. A sway is a canvas specially made with a single mattress as part of it. One places the sleeping bag inside the swag to provide one with heat and comfort to sleep. We place our swags on top of the jeep on the roof rack. Our pillows are placed in the car. A tool kit is placed at the front of the jeep and the jeep is already fitted with protection bars in case we hit kangaroos on the roads. A shotgun is placed safely in the jeep  because if one hits a kangaroo, it has to be shot rather then leaving it to die at the side of the road. I never held a gun in my life but Rob is a keen marksman. Rob has a detailed list of all the items required on the trip. The list is checked to ensure everything is in, down to the simple box of matches and batteries for our torches.


Rob now helps me with my packing. We  pack light. A clean t-shirt and underwear is allowed every second day so 5 of each is packed. All clothes taken out on the trip are burnt and not brought home so our oldest gear is taken. As dust gets on clothes, it makes it nearly impossible to remove. It is very cold in the morning early(freezing!!) and we pack a warm tracksuit pants to put on over our shorts. This is removed by 10am and we then travel in shorts for the rest of the day. A warm old jumper and jacket is taken for early morning and evening when the sun goes down. I do not expect to bring any of these old clothes back home. One towel and one face cloth is packed. A small personnel bag is packed with tooth brush, tooth paste, any tablets one takes, a night t-shirt, head light(this is placed each night at the pillow side of our sways for easy access). No shaving gear is taken as we will not have the water or the facilities…it will be my first time growing a beard! 

Stay tuned for tomorrows adventures


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