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Aussie Adventure Day 6

Blogger: Pat Lynch

Day 6 – First day of the Trip – 7th July

The alarm went off at 6AM. I had my last shower for 2 weeks, a quick breakfast and was ready to go! We got some photos before we left. We are on the road for 7.15AM. Heading North and slightly East to Meekatharra which is 800km and our target today. Just North of Perth we hit the country.  July is the only month that one can make the trip we are about to undertake. The weather is too hot for the rest of the year. In December(Australian summer), the temperatures reach 40 degrees. Maximum right now will be 23 degrees and zero at night.


Onto the wheatbelt, which has just been set for this season. Many farmer’s have not ploughed or set seed as there has been no rain this year. About 23 degrees right now,  we stopped for a cup of coffee in a small town and continued on again after 10 minutes. We then stopped at Dalwallinu for a quick sandwich at lunch time which we brought with us. We then stopped briefly to take some photos at Mount Magnet and then through Cue. The plan is to reach Meekalharra before sundown which is 5.27 tonight. Found a camp site about 1/2 mile off the main road about 15K before Meekatharra.


The camp Fire is set and timber is gathered, which is in plentiful supply. Tonight we re-heat a stew that we brought with us, followed by fruit and ice cream from the freezer with tea and coffee following. Swags are put out and each person stays about 30ft from each other to avoid snoring!  We get in bed by 8pm after a great chat around the camp fire. During the night temperature falls to 1 degrees with a frost on the swag by morning. The stars are incredible. The milky way is visible like a very high cloud created millions of years ago by colliding stars. I just lay there and watched the stars…what a feeling! (The swag is incredible).

Stayed tuned for more adventures as we continue on the road


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