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Episode 5 – Ring of Cork Travel Series.

Welcome back to the Ring of Cork travel series. In this episode we will be checking out the beautiful Fota House & Gardens and relaxing in the Robin Hill Sanctuary. It’s an episode of relaxation! We started the day in Fota House & Victorian Working Gardens and ending the day with a spot of afternoon tea at the Robin Hill Sanctuary in Cobh.

Fota House was designed by 19th century architects Richard and William Morrison and is Ireland’s finest example of a Great Country House. We went on a tour of the house which costs €8 entry for an adult and €19 for a family.  What I loved about Fota was the amount local volunteers who are passionate about the house and the history. They are happy to share  stories of the people who lived at Fota and the servants who worked there. Afterwards we went to explore the Victorian Working Gardens which has been brought back to life. As you walk around you can enjoy the beautiful orchard, pit houses and working glasshouses. It once supplied the house with fruit and vegetables and is now buzzing with activity with volunteers growing produce and plants to support the property. The Victorian Working Garden is open Monday – Friday and most Sundays from March to September where you can wander about and take it all in.  

Next stop was to make our way down to Cobh for a little relaxation in the Robin Hill Sanctuary. We enjoyed a spot of afternoon tea and a little chat with Deirdre about her sanctuary of peace and tranquility. Check out all about the Yoga retreats in our video above. I, for one, cannot wait to try it out! Robin Hill Sanctuary is set in the beautiful surroundings of a 19th century former rectory overlooking Cork harbour, a true oasis of peace and calm where time seems to standstill. There is so much on offer – accommodations, retreats, yoga retreats, holistic & massage treatments, afternoon tea… the list is endless.


What a great day of adventures. That’s it for this week’s episode. Join us next week when we will be checking out Passage West Museum, exploring what Crosshaven has to offer and enjoying seafood delights in Cronin’s Pub. See you then.

We are delighted to collaborate and work with Ring of Cork on the post and series. #AD
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