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Episode 6 – Ring of Cork Travel Series

Welcome back to the Ring of Cork travel series. In this episode we checked out the Passage West Martime Museum, explored what Crosshaven has to offer and enjoyed the seafood delights in Cronin’s Pub. 

First up is to explore the Passage West Maritime Museum. We explored the museum which tells the story of Passage West, the Birthplace of Ireland’s Steamship Industry. Its free entry to explore the museum and we met Angela to learn all about it. The town of Passage boasts an impressive industrial heritage dating back over 300 years. Known as ‘the original port of Cork’ it was the birthplace of the first steamship built in Ireland, ‘The City of Cork’, which was constructed in 1815 on the site of where the Museum now stands. It was also the port from which “The Sirius”, the first ship to cross the Atlantic entirely under steam, left in 1838 under the command of local man Captain Richard Roberts. And of course, Passage West and its shipbuilding industry is probably best known through its association with the Royal Victoria Dockyard, which provided so much employment to its townspeople throughout the years. What an interest morning and something I would highly recommend checking out.

If you are feeling active, there is a walking/jogging route on an old railway line from Cork city to Carrigaline. It is also great for a cycle. This route passes through Blackrock, Mahon, Rochestown, Passage, Monkstown, Raffeen and Shanbally before finally arriving at Carrigaline. We decided to try out the beautiful walk from Kilnagleary, near Carrigaline, right into Crosshaven, with the Owenabue River by your side all the way to the harbour. Along the route you will be able to observe many species of birds and wildlife or relax and have a picnic at the amenity areas provided. There is great history attached to this walk as most of it runs along the old Cork to Crosshaven railway line, which operated from 1904 to 1932. Afterwards, we went for a drive around the beautiful surrounding area. You are spoilt for choice with scenery and beaches all around. We stopped off in the beautiful Myrtleville beach for a little fresh air and relaxation.

After a busy day of exploring Crosshaven, we decided to head to Cronin’s Pub & Mad Fish Restaurant for a bite to eat. When at the seaside, you have to try the local seafood and you couldn’t find a better place then Cronin’s Pub. We met Joleen and Denic and tasted some delicious dishes off the menu. All the produce are locally sourced, freshly prepared each day and absolutely delicious.

What a great day of adventures. That’s it for this week’s episode.  Join us next week when we will be doing a special episode in Cobh around the Titanic. We will be going on a Titanic Trail with Michael Martin and then heading into to explore the Titanic Experience. See you then.

We are delighted to collaborate and work with Ring of Cork on the post and series. #AD
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