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Top Winter Walks!

The holidays are a time to relax, unwind and wrap up and go on an adventure! We’ve complied a list of our favourite Winter walks to share with your family and friends! Be sure to let us know how you get on if you choose to go on one! We love to hear from our followers! 🙂

Howth Cliff Walk: As you all know we love to go a little off the beaten track and explore outside the main city attractions. Recently while paying a visit to Dublin, we wanted to get out of the hustle of bustle of the big smoke so we went for a little drive to Howth. We stumbled upon the Howth Cliff Walk and we entered a world of peace and tranquilty. A windy path amongst flowers in bloom, grey rock and heather of the coast overlooking the sea. What I loved about the walk was that could have been in any seaside town anywhere in the world and in fact you were only 20-30 minutes outside Dublin city. The beauty, peace and nature throughout the walk was just breathtaking. The walk offers spectacular views of Dublin Bay, Howth Harbour, Portmarnock and even the Mourne Mountains. We loved seeing the small dinghy sailing boats sailing in the water below as the seagulls flew overhead. Nothing beats a walk in the sea air and this was exactly what we needed. A perfect spot to switch off and relax. All I can say is this was the highlight of our visit to Dublin and a gem we are so happy to have stumbled upon. A QT gem lying just outside Dublin city.

Ardmore Cliff Walk: A few weeks ago, OnTheQT did the amazing cliff walk in Ardmore, Co. Waterford. The Ardmore Cliff walk is situated in a beautiful seaside town in Co. Waterford. As you enter Ardmore, it is almost as if you enter a world of relaxation. During these summer months, the town is buzzing in the holiday season with fishing, walks, watersports, art and of course summer ice-creams and fun! The walk takes you on a route around Ardmore Head and Ram’s Head, passing the Samson wreck and Father O’Donnell’s Well. The worn foot path keeps your attention throughout with unbelievable sea views, wildlife and friendly faces walking past. As we did this walk, a local told us that at Father O’Donnell’s well, if you walk around 3 times backwards and sit on the seat in the middle, you can then make a wish!! We dont know how true this story is but we never let a wishing opportunity pass us by! Another historic feature on the walk is the shipwreck. A crane ship, called The Samson, was wrecked on Ram Head during a December storm in 1987 as it was being towed from Liverpool to Malta. The wreck is still there and is a very popular diving spot nowadays. As you walk the cliff walk, you will come across the shipwreck half way through the walk. A lovely little bench is nearby looking over the sea and surrounding breath taking views so it is a great time to take a breather and admire The Sampson and surrounding spectacular views.The Cliff Walk is known for its spectacular scenery, wildlife and the OnTheQT team definitely agrees. This breath taking coastal walk, with the blue sky, sunshine(hopefully), fresh winds, historic features and amazing wildlife was just a great way to spend a day. Get out of the house and try this spectacular, fresh cliff walk…a great walk for all the family!

Ballycotton Cliff Walk:  A few weeks ago, OnTheQT decided to do the Ballycotton Cliff Walk which is situated in a beautiful seaside town in Co.Cork. It is only about 30 minutes from Cork City and it is almost as if you enter a world of relaxation. Ballycotton village is well known as a fishing village and looks over Ballycotton Bay and the sandy beach which reaches Knochadoon head. The town is buzzing in the Summer with fishing, walks, mini golf and of course summer ice-creams!The team headed off through the foot worn track along the cliff (all secured with fencing), admiring the views that surrounded us. It was a dry, pleasant day and the sun was out for our little walk but still we remembered we were in Ireland with the fresh wind that hit our faces as we walked. We were well wrapped up and didn’t let the wind stop us reaching the end! The walk is 5 miles of cliff to the beach in Ballytrasna but the worn foot path keeps your attention throughout with unbelievable views, wildlife and friendly faces walking past. This breath taking coastal walk, with the blue sky, fresh winds and amazing wildlife was just a great way to spend a day.

Doneraile Wildlife Park: The Park comprises approximately 166 hectares and is an outstanding example of an 18th century landscaped park in the ‘Capability Brown’ style. Mature groves of deciduous trees, several restored water features and a number of deer herds can be viewed along the many pathways within the Park. Doneraile Court, the former residence of the St. Leger family, is situated within the Park. It will be opened to the public in the future, following completion of necessary restoration and safety works. In the park is a great playground, many picnic areas. I was there during the summer but Autumn, Winter there is just as amazing with the beautiful leaves turning colour, then falling. Kids and adults alike have a great time walking through the leaves.

Ballincollig Regional Park: f you access the park from Ballincollig GAA grounds side, rather than the main entrance you will be in for a far more peaceful, and enchanting walk. With the trails mainly taking you through forested areas, with beautiful fresh flowers growing on either side of the paths, it really is serene. There a multiple paths to choose from, all twisting and turning back and forth from the water, so you can make your walk as long or as short as you like! It is here  where most of the Gunpowder mills buildings are dotted about…. what now stand as picturesque but  aged structures with ivy growing down them, it is  fascinating to think of the history embedded in these fountains… if only these walls could speak we could learn an abundance of Irish history from them!

Enjoy x

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