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Top 10 Hikes in Leinster

We promised you we would do an article similar to our Top 12 Hikes in Munster for Leinster so here it is!! At the moment we are in level 5 but that doesn’t mean we cant plan for brighter days ahead. I think Summer 2021 is going to be lots of outdoor fun and adventures. This blog post will hopefully give you some inspiration for hikes to do in Leinster in Ireland when the time comes. Brighter days lie ahead. We will also be covering the other two Provinces in Ireland over the next few weeks for you too. Just in time for summer.


This hike is a very popular hike in Ireland and is just a 40 minute drive from Dublin city. The trail is well defined for hiking as it has a soft incline but as you reach the top it is quite steep and you may have to scramble a little bit to reach the top. Mainly this hike is done by people for a leisurely walk. It is a great hike to allow yourself to get out in the fresh air and a great way to spend the day.


This walk lies between Cruagh and Kilmashogue mountains. This trail is located just a 40 minute drive from Dublin. Start your walk at the zipline centre and follow the red trail marks to take you to the top of Tribadden Mountain. It is a 2.5km and takes about 2 hours to complete. It starts with a relaxed walk through the forest before hiking up the mountain to the summit.


Lugnaquilla is the highest mountain in Wicklow. The hike is approximately 10 miles and takes about 7 hours. Lagnaquilla is known as one of the best hikes in Ireland. It is important to note that it has a changeable landscape as it is partially wooden, heathland and bog. Although, It may be a tough climb but when you get to the highest point, the view will be worth it as the view is incredible.


If you are looking for a challenge, this 32km walk is calling your name. Note that this hike will take a full day and you will need proper hiking gear. It starts at Kiltipper and goes through bog, forest, woodland and even runs along rivers and mountains. Glencullen will be your final destination. Nothing beats a day long hike with beautiful surroundings.


The Wicklow Mountains are the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle in Dublin. The beauty and serenity awaits you. There are nine way-marked walking trails in the valley of Glendalough. These trails range from short half hour walks to four hour walks and you will get to see the incredible valley and upper lakes on this breathtaking mountain. You can check out all the details on all the different types of hikes and walks at the Wicklow Mountain National Park website here.


Located in Wicklow is Tonlagee Mountain and it’s heart shaped lake. If you are looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of Dublin city, this is the hike for you. It will take about a 70 minute drive from Dublin City Centre to Turlough Hill car park. The hike itself should take around 3-4 hours from start to finish from Turlough Hill car park to the summit. It is important to note there are longer walks around Tonlagee.


This walk is simply beautiful and we would recommend trying to time your walk so you finish as the sun sets as it is a spectacular experience with the scenery. We recently did this walk and started on the green route before moving onto the purple route. The purple route was our favourite as it was more off the beaten track with very few people walking it. We were walking for about 3 house in total but we stopped a lot to take photos and videos. We just couldn’t help it. A walk we would highly recommend.


The Lugnaquilla Mountain from Glenmalure Loop Walk is not an easy walk as it takes in two peak. Trust us, it is worth it with the views. This walking route should take approximately 6 hours to the summit of Lugnaquilla Mountain (925m) from Glenamalure and returning via Cloghernagh (800m). You will get to enjoy the views of the Wicklow Mountains, the Glen of Imaal, Glendalough and Glenmalure.


Ticknock has up to 10km of mountain and forest walks to choose from with spectacular views of Dublin city, Dublin Bay, Bray Head and the Wicklow Mountains. The Fairy Castle Loop is a beautiful looped walk with stunning views of Dublin from the Three Rock Mountain and Fairy Castle. It is a 6 km moderate Hike that takes you from Ticknock forest to the top of Three Rock mountain and then onto the summit. It is a moderate hike which should take about 1 hour and 40 minutes.


This trail will take you along the beautiful Avonmore river in Co. Wicklow. This walk is 12km and will take you 3-4 hours to complete. You walk up the wooden Valley which starts at Trooperstown Forest. You then follow the waymarked trail through the forest and enjoy a beautiful walk along the river.

Have you any hikes or walks in Leinster to add to the list? We would love to hear all about them in the comments below. Give us some new hikes to explore when it’s safe to do so again.

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