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Top 10 Chicago Tips

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

As you know, we spent some time recently on a road trip throughout the USA and Canada and we had lots of stops along the way. Throughout the next few weeks, we are going to share with you lots of our USA adventures through our blog and also our vlog. First up is our top tips from a city that captured our hearts… The windy city of Chicago.

1. Chicago Riverwalk is a must during your visit. You can’t help but stumble upon this gem during your city visit. The Chicago Riverwalk is an pedestrian waterfront located downtown on the south bank of the Chicago River.  It spans from Lake Shore Drive to Franklin Street. Full of restaurants, cool seating, boat rentals, cruises, biking and lots of other activities. It is the perfect spot to take a walk and enjoy the views or even grab a coffee/lunch and sit down to take in the beauty surrounding you.

2. A River and Canel Cruise is a great way to start your trip in Chicago. It allows you to get your bearings and you get to see the buildings, architecture and beauty of the windy city from the water. It was a great way to learn about the city and get a feel for Chicago life.

3. Food Glorious Food – We stumbled upon an Italian gem called ‘Volare Ristorante’ on 201 E.Grand Av. We enjoyed it so much that we just had to put it in our top tips.  It was packed with local people and you know if the locals enjoy it… it must be good! Beautiful, traditional Italian dishes… what a spot!

4. Skydeck(Willis Tower) is one of the most popular spots for tourists. We decided to check it out for ourselves and see if it made our top tips list… as you can guess it did!  Skydeck(Willis Tower) is located on Jackson Boulevard. A local told us that this was the best one to go to(there are two similar buildings you can go to the top of for views).  We reached a 103 floors high, 1353 feet with views of 50 miles all around and spectacular spanning up to four states. The views were spectacular. There are windows all around for viewing, then 4 glass window viewing centres (you wouldn’t want to be afraid of heights). Step outside the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. At 1,353 feet in the air, the Ledge’s glass boxes extend out 4.3 feet from the Skydeck.

5. Navy Pier is a must when visiting Chicago. It can be a tourist hotspot so we decided to go explore it at 6:30am with an early morning walk. This is why it made our top list… Navy Pier is a must but to enjoy the beauty of it, visit it before any of the hustle and bustle begins. Explore it before it comes to life at 7am. It truly is a hidden gem before the hustle and bustle begins with locals walking and enjoying the peace and quiet in the early hours of the morning.

6. Kanela Breakfast Club: We came across an amazing breakfast spot called ‘Kanela Breakfast Club’ in Streeterville. Blueberry and lemon pancakes, fresh seasonal fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice is a perfect way to start the day. A spot which puts a modern twist on breakfast favorites. A world of local and organic food with an approach to a Greek-inflected American breakfast and lunch menu. Starting the morning with a smile from this gem is the perfect start to the day.

7. Next on our list is the famous Millennium Park. A park located in the city centre, perfect for outings with family or friends and very popular during the summer months with free open air concerts. While checking out the Millennium Park, you will have to stop off at the famous beam to take the ‘obligatory Chicago Picture’. It is great to see it and of course take amazing pictures with with mirror images of the buildings all around.

8. Enjoy the city at night – This city is beautiful by day but as night falls the lights and skylines just become even more spectacular. It is very enjoyable to walk around the city by night and take in the beauty. You can stop off in some bars or cafés along the way and make a night of it.

9. Stay a night in the Sheraton hotel – an amazing hotel right on the river. The views out the bedroom window are just amazing. You will feel like you have to pitch yourself to see if you are dreaming!! You only live once… treat yourself.

10. Blaze – Is a perfect place for a bite to eat before a busy afternoon of exploring. We saw many local people going into this pizza place called ‘Blaze’ so we decided to check it out and we were delighted we did. You can make your own pizza and then it’s cooked in the fire oven. Honestly, this could have been the nicest pizza we ever had!! Trust us… pop into Blaze!!

A windy city that will capture your heart

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