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Our Airport Travel Tips

We all love to travel but sometimes it ends up being a rush or stressful. Having spent hours on end waiting in airports around the world, missed flights, delays, and other catastrophes, we have gathered all their tips to help you survive your airport experience with ease.

  • Know your luggage limit – Be sure to weigh your bag before you leave home.  It’ll save a lot of unnecessary stress! There is simply nothing worse than being told your bag is overweight, having to open your suitcase for the world to see its contents… and put on an extra 10 layers of clothes!
  • Ask for your favourite seat at check-in: Whether you prefer to look out the window and admire the views, seat in the aisle seat so you can get up without bothering your neighbours, or simply want to sit next to your travel pal, be sure to let the air hostess know at check-in as more often than not they will be more than happy to oblige you! (Especially if you check in early).
  • Give Yourself Extra Time – Nothing is worse then sprinting through security to catch your flight. Always add on another half hour to your travels so you wont be late. You never know what might delay you along the way.
  • Keep your laptop, camera etc in your carry bag – Have everything ready to go so you dont need to open your suitcase at the airport to take things out. Although you may think you might not need your laptop on the flight and pack it at the end of your carry on luggage… its best to place it at the very top so that when you go through security you don’t have to unpack your entire bag!
  • Power Bank – In case all the sockets are taken!  You can be on the go all day travelling and we all use our phone so much throughout the day to look for directions, take photos and videos so be sure to bring a power bank with you so you can charge up as you go.
  • Always put a luggage tag on your check-in bag, and be sure to keep the luggage sticker they give you at check- in! Did you know the sticker the air hostess puts on your boarding pass is a luggage sticker to track your bag should it go missing? Hopefully your bag wont get lost in transit, but if it does… your luggage sticker/ personal luggage tag will be sure to help the airport staff return it to you as quickly as possible!
  • Be prepared for delays: You never know when you might be delayed. Airports are unpredictable places and unfortunately prone to long delays! Have you chargers with you for your phone, tablet etc. We also recommend an extension lead. Sometimes there aren’t many sockets to plug in your phone but if you have an extension lead, you can put in lots at once.
  • Be comfortable – Wear comfortable clothes and leave the jewellery off as it will save you time going through security. However long your flight is, be sure you are comfortable before getting own the plane. We always bring slipper socks, a travel pillow, light blanket etc.
  • Try not to change your money at the airports or at ATMs. You will be charged way more by getting your money at the airport or at an ATM. Get organised and pick it up in the post office before you travel as they always seem to have the best rates.
  • Bring snacks – Always bring a few snacks to have while you wait for your flight. I also recommend bringing a empty water bottle to fill up before your flight at the airport.
  • If possible try and carry the currency of the airport with you: There is nothing worse than being stuck in an airport at dinner time and not having the right currency with you. Although most airport shops/restaurants will take card often there may be a minimum send so if possible carry some local currency with you should you wish to pick up a small snack!



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