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Cycling The Waterford Greenway

The Waterford Greenway is one of our favourite things to do in county Waterford. This new amenity consists of a world class 46km path along the route of an old railway line from Waterford to Dungarvan. It is designed for cycling, walking, running etc. We didn’t do the full cycle but we went from Durrow to Dungarvan. 


We would highly recommend cycling from Durrow to Dungarvan if you are looking to do a very scenic part of the Waterford Greenway. It is the section of the greenway which runs along the coast. The other half runs inland which is also very pictursuqe. If you are cycling with kids, this is a great section to cycle. You could also so what we did and stop off in Dungarvan for a coffee or ice-cream before the cycle back.

For even more information on the Waterford Greenway you can check out their website here.

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