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5 Tips For Booking Hotels Online

One of the biggest expenses while travelling is accommodation. As you all know, we love staying in AirBnB‘s and also doing Home Exchanges but sometimes it is nice to check into a comfortable hotel after a busy day of travelling. Reducing your accommodation costs can save you a lot of money on your trip. In this blog, we are going to share a few ways to save you money when booking your hotel. You can put the difference towards an experience or adventure on your trip. 


Search on sites like kayak.com or Trivago.ie to get an overview of hotels and prices in the area you are looking but don’t rely on it completely. Pick a hotel you like and research it online a little bit more. Search for deals online such as packages which include breakfast or dinner and try to get the best deal possible. The same hotel will have lots of different prices so don’t go for the first price you see.  Nowadays the internet is full of booking sites but we find if you book directly on the hotel site or ring the hotel, you will get the best deal. If it’s a hotel chain, you might also gain loyalty points which can come in handy if you are staying in this chain of hotels on a regular basis.



Try to organise your travel away from the peak times. Try to book a weekday trip. Also times when schools are off is a bad time to book as hotels will be in high demand. You will save a lot of money by going off peak.



You might find a really reasonable hotel online but be sure to check the location. It might end up more expensive if you have to spend money constantly on transport.



This is the same for your flights. Delete your cookies/history as the price will keep going up and up the more you look at it. It will see the hotel as in demand for your dates the more you click on it and the price will go up.



In general, it is best to book hotels as early as possible as you will get the lowest rates. Last minute bookings will be the highest price.

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