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Volare Ristorante, Chicago

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

The city of Chicago most definitely captured our hearts as soon as we arrived. When we go to a city, we like to find the local gems. Sometimes they are places people recommend to us but sometimes they are simply places that we stumble upon packed with locals. They are always the best! This time, we stumbled upon an Italian gem called ‘Volare Ristorante’ on 201 E.Grand Av, which was packed with people. Volare reflects the look and feel of an old world Italian restaurant.

As soon as we saw it, we knew we had found a perfect spot for dinner.  It was packed with local people and you know if the locals enjoy it… it must be good!. ‘Volare Ristorante’ is a traditional, homestyle Italian cooking in an energetic atmosphere. The decor gives an old-world feel to the experience.  Trust us, the food represents the finest traditional Italian cuisine with modern accents – simple presentations, accentuating the very best Italian food. We enjoyed beautiful, tasty pasta dishes after a very busy day of travelling and exploring.

Beautiful, traditional Italian dishes… what a spot!


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