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The Botanical Gardens, Vancouver

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

While exploring Vancouver recently, everybody recommended a visit to the Botanical Gardens to us so we decided to go explore it for ourselves. The botanical gardens have two locations, the main botanical gardens and also the memorial gardens. Both are within a few minutes of each other and both capture a different style and beauty. The VanDusen Botanical Garden’s has 22 hectares of elegant landscapes with plant species representing ecosystems ranging from the Himalayas to the Mediterranean, from Louisiana swamps to the Pacific Northwest. It gives a much more natural, forest setting which I loved. A inspiration to walk around and explore. It is cherished locally and renowned internationally for their beauty and for their leadership in plant conservation, biodiversity and sustainability. Walking around, you cannot help but notice the wildlife, art, culture and beauty that surrounds you.

The highlight of the trip was by far the Canopy Walkway as it gave you views from a height of the beauty of the Botanical Gardens. It wasn’t crowded so you could take your time to admire the views and have fun. Walking above the forest allows you to admire the the beautiful scenery and trails all around. Little kids(and also big kids like us) would also love this aspect of the garden… something a little different and fun.

We ended our garden tours with the Nitobe Memorial Garden, a Japanese garden right in the heart of UBC campus. This is a much smaller garden but full of perfection.  A quiet spot away from the city noise and beautifully laid out. A great spot to walk through the trails and enjoy the peace, quiet and wonder. It’s truly a peaceful and spiritual place.

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