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Michelle Mittons, Clonakilty!

Blogger: Lauren Lucy Crowley

I love nothing more than visiting a seaside village and finding a cute little shop full to the brim with trinkets and treasures! It was no wonder I was so excited when I stumbled upon Michelle Mittons in Clonakilty….. possibly the prettiest shop I have ever been in!

Standing proud right in the middle of the town, Michelle Mittons is boldy painted black and white which drew my attention from across the road. As I came closer to the shop windows and peered in…. I knew I would love everything inside the four walls of the shop!  

Although quite small in size, the beautiful store has an amazing collection of cards, stationary, candles, home décor, party ideas, books, jewellery  ….. and everything else you could think of as a gift for somebody special! With a separate section for boys, babies and wedding gifts, I can assure you, you will not be leaving the store with your hands empty!

I wandered around the shop for what seemed like a  long time getting lost in the shop shelves and  picking up little gifts and delicates signs with inspirational idioms printed on them. Yet still, I felt as though I hadn’t seen everything in the store… it was one of those shops that everywhere I  looked something glittered in the corner and caught my eye.

I eventually (although reluctantly) left the store with a birthday present for one of my friends! I have no doubt she will love it! I waved goodbye to the friendly shopkeeper, who was very friendly and helpful!

I will definitely be returning to this shop next time I’m in Clonakilty to pick up some surprise gifts for my friends and family!

“Shopping is always a good idea!”

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