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Sheep’s Cove

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

We decided to head off on a road trip last weekend. What I love about setting off on a road trip is not knowing where you are going, where you will end up or what you will stumble upon. Off we went on the open road, the sun shining and spring in the air. We headed in the direction of Clonakilty.

With the sun shining, everybody was out so we decided to stay away from the main places and go find some new gems. We went off down the road towards Ring and kept going. Such a beautiful drive with the glistening water on our right all the way. We stumbled upon a lovely little cove – Sheep’s Cove. There was only 2-3 other people on the beach and it was like a little piece of heaven. Peace, tranquility and relaxation. Just what we needed.

The beautiful sandy beach of Sheep’s Cove is a hidden treasure. It is a little kids dream with all the rock pools, climbing and exploration. What we loved about this beach is that it had loads of little nooks and crannies. If you were there on a beach day in the summer, you could have your own little inlet on the beach – it’s almost feels like you have your own little beach or even better island!! haha!!

Of course being us, we went on a little exploration. We really are big kids! Up over the rocks and off we went exploring. The more you climb further over the rocks, the more little inlets and private beaches you find. You could climb for ages finding more and more little nooks and crannies. It really is just out of this world. On a summer’s day, what more could you want. It was a beautiful day while we were exploring but a little fog came in later in the day. We didn’t mind, it didn’t stop our exploring!

This is really one of the best hidden gems we have stumbled upon – almost like our own OnTheQT beach!! We love it!

For directions from Clonakilty, Co. Cork to Sheep’s Cove, just click here.

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