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The Great Western Greenway adventure

The Great Western Greenway – Wild Atlantic Way, Co. Mayo
Blogger: Joan
Our first trip to Co. Mayo was a trip to remember in summer 2014. We hired bikes one day and went on a 38km cycle round trip from Mulranny village to Achill town.  It was the Great Western Greenway Mayo Trail. The Wild Atlantic Way.
My 6 year old wanted his own bike, he did not want the carrier behind his Dad!  He was a big boy now he said.  He may have regretted this as it was a long cycle for young kids but so much fun. We stopped for drinks and snacks along the way and enjoyed the most beautiful scenery. 
We had our packed lunch when we arrived in Achill town in a picnic area followed by a 99 cone from Supervalu.  By the way they have great 99’s if you are passing through Achill town this summer. Our return trip was easier as the wind was at our back. Our 6 and 8 year olds passed us out on their bikes.  The food and drink fueled their energy not to mind the fizzy drink we got them on an off the beaten track cafe with outdoor seating where we rested for a moment on our way back  The weather was amazing that day.
We stopped also and talked with a man who was loading turf. On our way back something amazing happened.  The winds picked up suddenly.  We looked afar and saw something like dust and we thought it was a car but saw no car.  The dust started to come closer to us and it was swirling in circles in a straight line.  We all stopped on our bikes to see what was happening.  All of a sudden it knocked my 9 year old off her bike to the ground and continued down the path swirling dust with our eyes following with amazement. We realised this was a mini tornado!!  I heard afterwards that the West of Ireland do get mini tornados from time to time. My daughter will never forget it. She was thrilled! She was not hurt but just amazed.
 QT Tips: Great areas along the way for picnics – Supervalu in Achill town have great 99 ice-cream cones – the kids would agree.
I would recommend this cycle to any family holidaying in Co. Mayo this summer. Mind the mini tornados though Smile
How would I describe our day – Adventurous, energetic, family fun.
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