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‘The Bakery’

A few weeks ago, OnTheQT went on a trip to Dublin. As you all know, it wouldn’t be an OnTheQT trip if we didn’t make a few QT stops along the way. On the trip up, we discovered a unique, cute little bakery that our sweet tooth took kindly to! This little sweet treat was ‘The Bakery’ located in the ‘Horse and Jockey Hotel’, situated in the heart of the Tipperary in the South East of Ireland. ‘The Bakery’ is in a perfect location, just half way between Cork and Dublin (the perfect spot for a break if your driving between Cork and Dublin) and it is just one minute off the M8 motorway at exit 6.


This was definitely a QT spot that we fell in love with and will definitely return to again and again. As you walk through the doors, the smell of home baking accompanied by the warm, tranquil fire greets you. Looking all around, the enchanting interior is breathtaking. Surrounding you is the charming detail of the quirky bakery with unique colourful table cloths, pretty and delicious displays and distinctive decorations…the bakery welcomes you with a warm, homely feeling. What is not to love about this place! The friendly staff, unbelievable food and to top it all off, the mouth watering pastries, cakes and treats were all we were talking about for the rest of the journey  to Dublin.


QT Tip! Try the beautiful cupcakes! They will brighten up your day!

The Bakery is home to the renowned pastry chef Jaqueline Lanigan-Ryan. Jaqueline  is the in-house pastry chef and a well know pastry chef throughout Ireland. OnTheQT can definitely say we all fell in love with her baking! Many of her treats are favorites of locals, commuters and of course the QT team! From the delicious, maderia cakes, rich chocolate cakes, to her unique French style Macaron’s, Jacqueline treats our taste buds with each bite! Another favorite of ours are the wonderful selection of scones, homemade bread and delicious cupcakes! The best treat is that one can enjoy these treats in the heart of the amazing decor or bring them home and enjoy them as a family. The baking is made to perfection, a sweet indulgence that one could not resist following the amazing displays and sensational smells of fresh baking. Jacqueline is the little secret gem of ‘The Bakery’ and brightens up everybody’s day!

Jacqueline Lanigan-Ryan is not only the in-house pastry chef but she also gives great hands on classes throughout the year. One of which is coming up very shortly called ‘Baking Made Easy, Hands on Class with Jacqueline Lanigan-Ryan’. This master class takes place on Saturday Septemeber 22nd, 2013 and is a great one day, hands on baking course, including a selection of flavoured breads, cakes, mini desserts and pastries. Something for all those who have a sweet tooth. What a great way to spend a day, here at OnTheQT we love trying new things and why not try something as great as this. ‘The Bakery’ are offering a light lunch and finishing the day with a spot of afternoon tea to enjoy your homemade treats of the day!  Another great package the ‘Horse and Jockey’ are offering is a one night of accommodation and full buffet breakfast, one-day hands on baking course with their in house pastry chef, Jacqueline Lanigan-Ryan and a beautiful light lunch in Silks Restaurant.  (A little QT tip: Let them know when booking on any specific treats/items you would like to have covered during the course). The  above is priced at €179pps/€199 Single. So grab some friends and make a weekend of it! Bake some treats and enjoy relaxation in the beautiful ‘Horse and Jockey’! Go on Treat yourself!

Top QT Tips

  1. Stop off and get a delicious scone and a great Irish cup of tea or coffee!
  2. Finish your visit with a slice of delicious rich chocolate cake or if you like a simple home baking favorite, the cupcakes are the best we have ever tasted!
  3. Sure as your there! Bring home some treats to the family and a homemade brown bread for the lunches!


If you are looking for something to cheer you up, Stop off and get some lunch! This is certainly a secret gem in the heart of Tipperary. Good luck trying to resist the amazing treats after your lunch(it just isn’t possible)! But why not treat yourself(we certainly did!)! Nowadays, life can get hectic, we can all be guilty of being too busy, so next time your near ‘The Bakery’, whether on the road or just taking a leisurely drive,  make sure you pay a little visit to satisfy your sweet tooth! Indulge in some unbelievable deserts or even relax and enjoy the warm, delightful atmosphere! Go on treat yourself!


A saying we love  – KEEP CALM AND EAT CUPCAKES!


The Bakery, Horse & Jockey, Co. Tipperary

Tel: +353 (0)504 441 92

Address: The Horse & Jockey Hotel
Horse & Jockey
Co. Tipperary

(Note: The Bakery is the one of most accessible locations in Ireland on the main Dublin/Cork Road, located half way between Cork and Dublin(the perfect time for a break if driving) and it is just one minute off the M8 motorway at exit 6).


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  1. Hi jackie , your passion fruit cheese cake, do you heat the sugar syrup and the lemon juice ,? then add the soaked gelatine to it

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