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Father Ted!!

Everybody loves a bit of Father Ted and OnTheQT is no different! As we were in Lahinch, Co. Clare recently, we decided to take a little detour and check out the famous Father Ted’s house! Now this is a house that is very off the beaten track and was a difficult find but we can honestly say that it is worth going off the beaten track and getting a tad lost for! As we drove down the winding, grass filled country road, our eyes were peeled waiting to see the famous house!

Once we spotted the house, excitement filled the car! As we got nearer and nearer the house, the excitement grew incredibly. For anybody who doesn’t know why we got so excited(even though the majority of you will know already). This famous house became the location for the very popular ‘Fr. Ted’ television series through a chance conversation in a pub. While a member of the production crew was having a drink with friends from the locality they came up with the idea of setting the series in North Clare. Following a few pictures and a few conversations to the writers, this little house became the main hub for the famous series Fr. Ted!

As we pulled up in front of the house, we were greeted by a friendly, beautiful Dalmatian dog who welcomed up to FATHER TED’S HOUSE! As we took our pictures, we remembered all our favorite scenes from outside the house! From the daily punishment that priests had one lent in the ice baths to Ted eventually managing to convince a raging Brennan that he didn’t kick him up the arse, only for the Bishop to see the massive photograph that Dougal had placed outside the house showing Bishop Brennan being kicked up the arse by Ted. It was great fun to take our shots outside the house and think of all the fun times and laughs Father Ted has given us!

Nowadays, it is a fan’s dream to visit this well known, house! If you plan on visiting, why not schedule an appointment and have some ‘afternoon tea’ in their kitchen! A fan’s dream! 






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