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Lahinch Beach, Co. Clare

 A few weeks ago, OnTheQT took a lovely, long strole down the sandy  beach of Lahinch, Co. Clare. The large crescent-shaped sandy beach stretches out to  1.6 km with spectacular views all around. Great spot to bring  the dogs and let them run free(as you saw our QT dogs loved it in the pictures below and even decided to go for a little dip!!).


Lahinch has long been a popular destination for golfers, but in recent times, has also become the hub for surfing in Ireland. Surfing has taken off in Ireland and this can certainly be seen with the buzz on the beach in Lahinch. As you walk down the beach, it is great to see the boards and surfers(both beginners and advanced) enjoy the waves. The beach was alive with people walking, running, strolling, building castles and playing football. The more adventurous on the beach, tried their hand at surfing, kayaking and even swimming(with a wetsuit….it is Ireland after all!!!). It just shows how much is on our doorstep, we just need to take that leap and be adventurous! 


Lahinch is just beautiful, from amazing views all around to the unique, fun adventurous activities for all! It is a great way to unwind from the real world! Why not visit the beautiful Lahinch in County Clare for a weekend and experience the amazing adventures, beautiful beaches and great local nightlife. 


Top things to do in Lahinch:

  1. It goes without saying, a day of surfing is a must as Lahinch is one of the top surfing spots in the country.
  2. Walks along the sandy beach
  3. Great restaurants with lots of seafood
  4. A golfers heaven
  5. Great local nightlife


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