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Surfs Up at Garretstown beach

Nowadays everybody loves a bit of adventure and trying something new and exciting but we often forget that it is the simple adventures that we remember, cherish and adore. A few weeks ago, OnTheQT  went on a surfing road trip to Garretstown beach… a great adventure with best friends. 

Here at the QT HQ, we decided to make the most of the summer and go on as many adventures as we can. We love surfing here at OnTheQT (we might not be the best surfers but God loves a trier right?!). We are on a mission to tackle the best surfing spots after work for the summer months. Personally, we feel evenings like these(off the cuff) are the times that everybody cherishes and remembers.

A few weeks ago, we went surfing to Garretstown beach which is one of our favourite spots to surf. The surf was strong and we spent a few hours catching some waves…. we were pretty tired after the surf. It is amazing how time just flies by when you are out on the water. I suppose it’s true what that say – Time flies when your having fun! Check out our blog post on Garretstown beach here. The perfect family beach or it is a great  spot to enjoy fish and chips from Kinsale with a view.

Somebody told us before that a days surfing is equal to a week in the gym… well even if it’s not true we are going to keep believing it is!! Being out in the fresh air and salt water beats the gym any day!!

‘You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough’

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  1. The surfing in Garrettstown is just great. Eimear my daughter went a few weeks ago and just loved it what a great day out

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