On The QT


Sometimes it’s the places we stumble upon that we end up remembering the most. Recently on a road trip around East Cork, we stumbled upon a small, quaint village called Guileen. A small village located in the south eastern coast of Ireland. A village with character and beauty in a relaxed atmosphere.

A spot where the locals welcome you with open arms and share their local knowledge and advice. An off the beaten track seaside village which is not overpowered by tourist. A local gem. The rock pools are the perfect spot for some exploring and rock fishing with kids. The locals love swimming in Guileen. They were pros as they walked down and into the water straight away… us on the other hand, well we were a little less graceful getting into the cold water!!!

We enjoyed a beautiful, refreshing swim and enjoyed a well deserved ice-cream afterwards.

The perfect way to end a road trip adventure.

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