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Sunfish Explorer – Motorised Kayaking!

When you’re offered the chance to go on a one of a kind adventure… it’s always a good idea to say yes! Motorised Kayaking is a very unique water sport with only one company in Europe offering tours.. of course they’re based here in Ireland! Hidden down in South Kerry in the beautiful picturesque village of Sneem is the wonderful tour operator Sunfish Explorer!

With a few different kayaking routes to choose from, each as pretty as the next – you will be sure to be surrounded with lush scenery whilst out on the water! Driving down a twisted narrow road not sure if we were headed the right direction.. we knew we were in for an adventure! We were only delighted to be greeted by Noel himself the owner of Sunfish Explorer at Oyster Bed pier!

We got dressed into dry suits which were provided, and after a quick lesson on the pier, we were ready to hit the water! It was quite simple to grasp, you simply sit into the kayak.. start up the motor, and control the speed with your feet! The boats were comfortable, sturdy and very safe! It was great fun steering around the water without tiring our arms out too much!

Noel was very helpful, and extremely informative about the ecology of the local area! He brought us on a tour around the nearby Garnish island (the Kerry version!) which was simply stunning! It was so green…. and oh so peaceful! As some of the water passages were quite narrow, we followed behind in single file as we admired our idyllic surroundings!

Back out on the open ocean we spun around in circles, and raced each other! We spent just over an hour on the water, and had great fun on these unique kayaks! Although you may think kayaking trips are just for the summer months, it rained almost the entire length of our trip which didn’t bother us in he slightest in our dry suits!If you’d like more info simply visit the website here: http://sunfishexplorer.com/, or call Noel on: 087-9474616 !

Enjoy your trip! x



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