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Fitzgeralds Vienna Woods Hotel Video!

As you know we love video production here at OnTheQT.ie. As a result, we were recently involved in a very exciting project with Cork’s best young actor making a video at Fitzgeralds Vienna Woods Hotel!

Irish Country Hotels are running a competition amongst their member hotels to create the best video…..so with the help of our excellent actor and the helpful staff  at Fitzgeralds Vienna Woods Hotel we created a wonderful competition entry video!  The entries are judged based on how many likes ,shares and comments each video has on the Irish Country Hotels Facebook page! The winning video will be shown on Time Square in New York! #Wowza!

We need YOUR help to win so it would be much appreciated if you could head over to the Irish Country Hotels Facebook page (Link: https://www.facebook.com/irishcountryhotels/?fref=ts!) . Be sure to like, comment and share on their Facebook page as otherwise it won’t count during judging


Thank you for your support as always! x



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