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Strawberry Fields Pancake Cottage! <3

Looking for the perfect place to catch up with a few friends/family, indulge in some delicious gourmet pancakes whilst in a beautiful countryside setting? We’ve found the perfect spot for you! Strawberry Fields Pancake cottage is located just over the stunning Molls Gap in County Kerry.  Using a secret recipe, with local ingredients this Dutch family do an excellent job at making the best pancakes in Ireland!

Painted a bright yellow colour with a striking red door and window frames to match… an array of awards on display as we stepped inside…. and a mouth-watering aroma that filled the air…. I think I instantly fell in love with the place! The interior décor is homely yet chic and trendy with a clear European influence! The staff were pleasant, smiling, and welcomed us with open arms!

We choose to sit outdoors at the pretty tables and chairs, where we enjoyed the sunny weather and the spectacular views of county Kerry! The menu included everything you could possible imagine putting on a pancake, sweet, savoury.. you name it! If pancakes aren’t your thing the cottage also serves a renowned dutch apple – pie, fresh scones and home made soups! There is also an array of different coffees,  interesting tea flavours, lemonades and luxurious sounding hot- chocolates to choose from! We were most certainly spoilt for choice!  

We decided to choose a sweet and a savoury pancake so that we could share and have the best of both worlds! Good team work eh? 🙂 I was genuinely overwhelmed when our order arrived to the table! The pancakes are made to order, so as fresh as could be. The savoury pancake was topped with goats-cheese, pineapple, walnuts, honey & thyme, whilst the sweet pancake was generously topped with marshmallows, strawberries and chocolate-sauce and cream! We admired them for a few minutes before we took a bite… as they almost seemed to perfect to eat! They were simply delicious! #perfection

Not just an amazing selection of pancakes and treats, the cottage also has a cute gift shop at the back of the restaurant where you can pretty much buy anything in the shape of a strawberry.. along with other beautiful gifts! The cottage is open most of the year – hours depending on the season! However, to avoid disappointment be sure to give the friendly family at the cottage a call before your trip there!

I think this wonderfully delicious pancake cottage may have been my favourite pitstop on our Wild Atlantic Way adventure so far! The experience from start to finish was extremely enjoyable! I’m already excited to return! #yummy x

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