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Redbarn Beach

Last week, OnTheQT spent a few days out filming and one of the days we decided to cool off with a swim on the beautiful Redbarn beach. We fell in love with this little beach and had one of the nicest swims of the summer on the beach. Redbarn is a beautiful sandy, safe beach just a few minutes outside of Youghal as you head towards Cork. Throughout the beach, there are lots of little nooks near the sand dunes which are perfect to set up camp for the day at the beach with the little QTs.  Have fun, explore the sand dunes with the little QTs and still have a little privacy on the beach. The beach is a beautiful long, sandy beach with a blue flag. A great spot for a family day out, picnics and lots of walks.


One big QT tip that we discovered that day is that you can actually drive your car onto the beach. Now how cool is that? (All the Daddies will love this as they wont be treking back and forth to the car throughout the day getting all the bits that the kids forget!!). Another QT idea is to  bring a little BBQ and have a BBQ on the beach near the car before you go home. Now that will create memories for the kids! Or if you want a complete day off from cooking but you are a little peckish, then The Quality Hotel is situated on the beach front with bar, food and some music! Sounded like lots of fun up there from the beach. We also heard from some locals that this area of the beach is also suitable for ponies and these are often available for rides on the beach so you never know, you might be lucky enough to see some pony treks on your day out.


We thoroughly enjoyed our stop off at Redbarn for a lovely swim, feeling the sand between our toes and followed by a beautiful strole on the long strand after…What’s not to love?!!


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