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Caragh Lake

Blogger: Kian Griffin – a Travel Blogger and student in the Institute of Technology Tralee, studying Travel and Tourism Management. Kian was previously a founding member and CEO of New Europe Travel, a company dealing exclusively with Student Travel. He lives in the picturesque region of Caragh Lake and spends much of his time exploring the lesser known areas of Europe.


Just outside the town of Killorglin, on the beautiful Ring of Kerry, lies my own personal escape, a place untouched by the troubles of the modern world. Caragh Lake is one of the most beautiful locations I have witnessed so far in Ireland. On a calm sunny day the lake resembles a mirror, reflecting, perfectly, the stunning mountainous backdrop. The shore of the lake is relatively untouched and is blooming with wildflowers and tall trees, birds nest in these trees and their chirping provides a peaceful soundtrack and add to the overall tranquility of the place.

The water of the lake is crisp, clean and clear, ideal for taking a relaxing swim. If you are into fishing, trout are plentiful in the lake and can be seen breaking the surface of the water each evening. Boats can be rented from the locality, and fishing licenses can also be bought from The Red Fox Inn nearby, home of the famous “Kerry Bog Village”. If you are a bit more active, the eastern shore of the lake is home to Cappanalea Outdoor Education Centre, where you can take part in rock climbing, orienteering, kayaking and many other activities.

Personally, I like to just take a stroll along the lake shore and take in the spectacular scenery or sit on the shore and chill out. In this modern era, where most people are rushing around and too busy to notice what is around them, places like Caragh Lake can be an ideal escape from it all, a place to forget all your troubles and enjoy what nature has to offer.

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