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Nuremberg Has Something for Everyone

Guest Blogger: Fiona Bresnihan

I spent my third year of university in Nuremberg. During my time there I uncovered many parts of the beautiful city that I would recommend everyone to visit. There are so many beautiful aspects to Nuremberg. One of the main attractions is the Kaiserburg also known as Nuremberg Castle. Together with the city walls it is meant to be one of Europe’s most considerable medieval war systems. You can visit the castle for free but if you want to see the inside of the castle then you have to pay a small entrance fee. If you’re feeling peckish after uncovering the beauty of the Nuremberg Castle, I would recommend that you have lunch at Bratwursthäusle which is located a short distance from the castle. This restaurant has the reputation of having the best Bratwurst (sausage) in the city. You can enjoy Bratwurst, beer and pretzels, while being served by waiters and waitresses dressed in the traditional local costume. There is table service in every pub and restaurant you visit. No waiting at the bar to buy your beer! Having wined and dined I would then recommend to head back towards the city center. On the way you will pass the Schöne Brünnen, which is a fountain with two brass rings on opposite sides which are said to bring good luck to those who spin them.  It is a city with great shopping, food, nightlife, culture and history. Take a weekend break in Nuremberg and discover the many beautiful gems the city has to offer.

Fiona’s QT TIPS:

  1. Spend a few days here. It is quite a big city and there is a lot to see.
  2. Everyone speaks English so there will be no language barriers. 
  3. Go to the local bakeries, they have delicious sandwiches and cakes.
  4. If you go in Winter bring your woolly hat and gloves as it snows a lot and in Summer there is sunshine all around. In restaurants and bars tips are expected.  If you’re visiting around Christmas, do not forget to check out the world famous Christmas Markets.
  5. You can buy many types of tickets for trains, buses and undergrounds. The ‘Bavaria Ticket’ lets you travel all around Bavaria for €23 (+€4 for each accompanying passenger). A maximum of 5 people can travel with one ticket. It can be purchased from every Deutsche Bahn (DB) ticket machine.


Describe in 5 words: historical, vibrant, delicious food, friendly locals, something for everyone

Your Favourite thing: The thing I miss most about the city is the food. Try as many restaurants as possible, you will not be disappointed!

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  1. Great tips here Fiona. Many thanks. Looks like a great place to visit

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