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‘ More than just a Hill ….’

Margaret – Living in Meath, working part time. Enjoy nature, art and reading


I live in Meath and about 20 minutes drive from the Hill of Tara. I went originally about 18 years ago when I first lived in Meath. I went out of curiosity as I had always heard of Tara. Many years later I visit on a regular basis as it is more than just a hill!!


Tara awakens many senses. The Hill of course is the main attraction with its little church and great views. There is a restaurant on site called ‘Maguires’ and it serves the best home cooked food. It opens for breakfast at 9.30am until late afternoon. There is a gift shop next to the restaurant and is full of wonderful arts and crafts, many by local artists. A few meters away from the shop, is the most enchanting book shop imaginable. It is crammed with tons of wonderful books, some being rare. It is like stepping back in time….dont’ miss out on this experience! I love the way Tara has remained unspoilt. It is still the same since I started going there over 18 years ago.


  1. Bring warm clothes. Tara is high up and can get cold and windy.
  2. Do try the ‘Tara Special’ at Maguires….. their homemade scones served with cream and jam  with tea or coffee….. delicious!
  3. In summer, sit outside if you can. the views are worth it!


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