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Molly Gallavins!

Whether you live in Ireland or abroad, a trip to this beautiful restored Irish cottage and farm is simply a must when visiting Co. Kerry! Stepping into Molly Gallavins is like taking a step back in time – to be enjoyed by all the family!

The cottage itself is restored to just what it would have been like 200 years ago, to ensure visitors experience what the simple country lifestyle in rural Ireland was like before the days of electricity and modern conveniences! We were delighted we got there just on time for bread making! Starting from scratch we followed each step along the way until the freshly made dough was left to bake over the open fire! #delicious

At a cost of only €3.00 per adult to explore the farm – it is most definitely worth it! You receive your own key to unlock the gate… and off you go to explore on a self-guided tour! Donkeys, sheep, historical monuments which give you an excellent insight into Irish history, farming machinery, a turf cutting area, and stunning views over the lush green mountains below as you reach the top, it really has it all!

There is also a gift shop which stocks beautiful celtic jewellery and clothing, and a team who are more than willing to share the life story of Molly Gallvin with you.. and taste her famous poitin if you’re lucky!

With banquets arranged on request, seasonal sheep shearing, turf -cutting, daily bread making and weekly Irish homecomings, you will certainly be well entertained! Enjoy your trip! Slainte x

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