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Margaret Griffins Garden Centre

Blogger: Lauren Lucy Crowley

There is something about garden centres that brings out the child in you…perhaps its the array of colourful flowers, the beautiful fragrances filling the air, the families busy shopping to make their patches of grass that bit prettier…maybe even being out in the fresh air… whatever it is….. it is especially the case of Margaret Griffins garden centre in Dripsey, Co. Cork.


Over 25 years old, this gorgeous garden centre is one  of the most awarded and successful garden centres in the country . Located  just 15 minutes from both Blarney and Ballincollig – it is definitely worth a trip!

A visit to Margaret Griffins is always a magical one… with its incredible scenic views over the river valley it is  an idyllic location to shop for all your gardening needs. Whether you wish to  browse around the colourful bounty of the garden centre (there are secret garden, poultry, and even treehouses to be found), pick up a gift in the unique and atmospheric homestore, enjoy a traditional gourmet meal in the restaurant or a serene stroll through one of the 13 inspirational display gardens, Griffins will leave you in awe.

If you’re looking for something in particular one of the many helpful staff are always at hand with advice, they are full of enthusiasm and always lend a helping hand to carry help carry your purchases to the car. I can safely say I have never visited the centre without picking up something pretty to put a smile on someones face.

Although a renowned and very well known garden centre – at OntheQT we love a visit to Margaret Griffins simply because it is full to the brim with magic, and hidden treasures!

Enjoy your trip there! x


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