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Lyla’s Kitchen, Charleville

Blogger: Lauren Lucy Crowley

With by passes and link roads popping up all over our little island, sometimes we forget that it’s the towns we’re by passing are what give Ireland its charismatic character. Charleville, a town in north County Cork lies in the Golden Vale, on a tributary of the River Maigue, near the border with County Limerick.  The second-largest town between Limerick and Cork (Mallow is the largest), it is approximately 60 km from Cork city to the south and 40 km from Limerick city to the north, making it the perfect pitstop en route from Limerick to Cork!

Recently on a little road trip, we decided to stop for breakfast in the charming town, (which has a lot more to offer than its famous cheese)! One particular café called Lyla’s Kitchen caught our attention with it’d pretty window décor, and dainty signage on the outside. I loved the décor inside so much, I felt as though I had picked it out myself! There were idioms and quotes hanging from every corner of the snug café. The table cloths were maps of the world, which of course could have kept me occupied for hours as I ran my fingers across the world deciding which country to venture off to next!

It wasn’t long before we were served up our hot bowls of porridge, a large cup of rich dark coffee and homemade scones so fresh they almost fell apart in my hands. It was clear the café was very popular among locals, as we sat there a number of different regulars strolled in for their ‘usual’, and a morning chat! It was lovely to see such hustle and bustle in a café on a midweek morning!

The café also serves lunch, (and from the menu it looked like it’s worth a return visit), and had a vast selection of cakes and treats to choose from at the till which of course we couldn’t resist as we passed them by!

Next time you’re visiting Charleville, be sure to pop into Lyla’s Kitchen, whatever it is that tickles your fancy, I have no doubt the welcoming staff and owners will be sure to look after you! Enjoy! 🙂


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