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12 ways travel will change your life for the better

The world is a book and those who don’t travel, read only one page. Travel enriches you and changes you for the better while bringing out the best possible version of you.

Travel will change your life… for the better. Here are just some of the fabulous ways you will benefit from travel:

  • You become a storyteller. Without even knowing it, travel fills you with stories and rich experiences and in return turns you into an amazing storyteller. The more you travel and discover, the more stories you gather. Before you know it, travel will have turned you into one of the most fascinating storytellers. You will be the person who can always add to conversations from your vast experiences. Everybody loves a storyteller.
  • You will have friends all over the world.  Having traveled the world, you will have made friends along the way. Friendships all over the globe. For future travel you will have people to see, places to stay and your friends will have local knowledge to show you around. Exploring like a local is always the best way to explore. Your new friendships open up your eyes to a world outside of your own, allowing you to gain a new perspective on life.
  • You gain confidence: You have done it! You’ve traveled the world. Navigated unknown places and explored the globe. You have achieved so much and you will now feel even more confident in your ability to achieve your dreams when you return from you travels.
  • You will become more employable: Yes, can you believe it? Having the best experience of you life can actually make you more employable. You have traveled the world, communicated with different types of people and experienced difficult situations. You have learned lots of skills that cannot be taught in a classroom. You can show you can do it, not just on paper, in reality too.
  • You become more social. Many people while traveling alone have to step outside of their comfort zone and meet new people. By traveling alone you become very good at making friends out of new acquaintances. You will become more confident meeting new people and when you return you will bring this with you through life.
  • You become an adventurer: We name it – you can do it! You have skydived, dived the Great Barrier Reef and conquered the biggest adventures of your life. The more you achieve, the more adventurous you become. You are living life to the full and your not going to stop after your travels. You will always be an adventurer.

  • You will learn to go with the flow: You have guessed it! Life isn’t perfect. Slow buses, delays, missed flights and even wrong directions! While traveling you soon learn that life happens and you can’t change it. You just have to go with the flow. You are a pro at this stage of adapting plans and not to let ever-changing situations get to you. Life can throw you curve balls and you learn that all you need to do is to hit them out of the park.
  • Broadens your horizons: While traveling your experiences can change your perception of the world. You will experience new places and various cultures and learn we really aren’t that different at all. You will be able to learn from experience and that will broaden your horizons and the way you look at the world around us. 
  • You recognise an opportunity. You learn that life doesn’t have to go according to plan. While traveling the people you meet along the way and the places you stumble upon are the things you remember. Things happen for a reason  – whether it’s a new opportunity you stumble upon or a person you meet. You could come across an opportunity of a lifetime, meet the love of your life or even come home with a new business idea. Life is unpredictable and opportunity lies around every corner.
  • You find out who you are: I know this is cliché but it’s true. While traveling, you learn a lot and you discover things about yourself that you never knew before. Things you may never discover or find out if you don’t travel. Love, opportunity, experiences, skills… the list is endless.
  • Develop New Skills: Even though you’re traveling and have a holiday vibe, you also learn new skills without even trying. You become an active person trying new things and new adventures, which develop your new skills. These can be very practical like sailing skills, creative skills or even communication skills. You will find things you never knew you were good at.
  • You learn you CAN do it: You will come away from your travels with a new, fresh attitude. You will learn you can do it… you can dream big and reach your goals. You will be ready to reach for new challenges.


“Travel – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”. Ian Battuta


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