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The Great Wall

Blogger: Fiona & Glenn

When we decided to travel around China, The Great Wall was always going to make the itinerary. With construction taking over 13 centuries the iconic wall served both defense and transport purposes. Protecting China from the north, the fortified defense stretches from east to west along 9 sections. From the wild and dangerous Jiankou and Gubeikou sections to the restored Badaling and Mutianyu sections there’s something for everyone.


Within 2 hours travel of Beijing, the Mutianyu section is the longest fully restored section of the Great Wall. Although not as popular as Badaling, it is an excellent example of watchtowers and fortresses away from the crowds. Accessible by two different cable cars, you can save all your energy for hiking along the top of the wall. After 4 sweaty hours hiking up and down steps, snapping photos and taking in the stunning scenery, trust me, you’ll be thankful for return cable car tickets.


The beauty and impact of the Great Wall on the surrounding landscape must be seen to be believed. We’ve all seen the photos but in reality its impact is so much greater. If you’ve the time, try to visit more than one section, but for a day trip I couldn’t but recommend the Mutianyu section. I’d love to return but next time I’ll certainly remember my sun cream!


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