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Goat’s Island, Waterford

Life is like a pedal, they can push you down but you always come back up!!

Summer months are filled with laughter, exploration and exciting adventures. We try to make the most of the summer sunshine so while in Ardmore recently we got a beautiful sunny day so we headed off on an adventure. While exploring the beautiful seaside town of Ardmore, we decided to go on a bike ride. We cycled from Ardmore to Goat’s Island.  A magical route full of beauty, splendor along a country road. Fields to your right and the sea to your left… what more could you want?

QT Directions: take the windy, scenic trail to Goat’s Island. Take the unsigned road opposite the Round Tower. Follow this country grass filled road until you reach a junction and take the first left (which is signposted for Goat Island, beach and rock fishing)). Follow on down the windy lane with the amazing sea view to your left and beautiful wooden style cottage on your right until you reach the sandy cove at Goat’s Island.

After a relaxing cycle we arrived in Goat’s Island. Goat’s Island is a little inlet is one that is a popular local attraction, with many locals swimming here each morning right throughout the winter months. With the tide out, the sandy beach allows for some abseiling and rock climbing with an outdoor adventure business on the main street in Ardmore called Ardmore Adventures, while also allowing for some great sand castle making with the little kids! As the tide comes in, it opens up another local thing to do in Goat’s Island…cliff jumping!

As you will discover when the tide comes in, it is a local favourite to climb the rocks and jump off. The screams, laughter and joy is one that is great to watch, even if it is a bit too adventurous for yourself. A local favourite and a lot of fun(if you have the courage)! OnTheQT also noticed that the rocks are a popular place for the spot of fishing also. Maybe we just found you guys a new fishing spot!

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