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Blogger: Lauren Lucy Crowley

When visiting Barcelona wandering the streets and soaking up the hustle and bustle of the city… it would be very easy to forget the fact that there is a beach so near by! My advice to you is not to forget about a trip to the beach! Having walked around all day exploring, it was blissful grabbing an iced coffee to go at a quirky coffee shop and heading down to Barceloneta to pan out!



Only a short walk away from Las Ramblas (you could grab the metro if your feet are very sore!), Barceloneta beach feels like a world apart from the busy city it sits right in front off. It was so relaxing to lie down on the warm surface, feel the sand between our toes and enjoy the hot rays of sunshine shining down on our skin.

Although the beach was pretty busy, we found a nice spot to lay down our belongings and relax. There were people of all nationalities around us… we could have stayed people watching all day! With an abundance of nice bars and restaurants all playing music,  there was a great buzz in the area… everyone just seemed to be happy out and having fun (us included)!

As we quickly heated up under the Spanish sunshine we decided a trip into the glistening Mediterranean Sea was a must! We winced a little at the cold at first,  but within seconds we had our heads under and all! There really is nothing like swimming in the salty open water! We took out our GoPro camera and laughed until our bellies hurt a little trying to capture some footage under water! Although we looked far from mermaids, we were delighted with the footage we recorded! It was a bonus we had so much fun in the process!  

There is something so nice about drying off without a towel under the sunshine eh? Refreshed and full of life after our beautiful pitstop at the beach, we headed back towards the city. There was a trail of funky restaurants and cool bars for us to choose from for our dinner! Spoilt for choice so we were! What a fantastic evening!

I highly recommend you take a trip down to this beautiful beach on a well -deserved break from shopping, sight-seeing and exploring when you go to visit Barcelona, it would be a shame not.. after all.. life is better at the beach! 🙂  


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