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Castlemartyr Garden Spa Evening

The sun is out and the summer events have begun. I was delighted to be invited to the Castlemartyr Garden Spa Evening recently in the beautiful, mature garden of the resort. Sitting in the sunshine of the picturesque garden, I felt like I could be anywhere in the world.

The event was surrounded by beauty, peace and tranquility. It was a memorable evening with sunshine and friends. We were greeted by the fabulous staff of the resort and treated to refreshing drinks in the sunshine, as we chatted amongst ourselves with the soft sound of the beautiful piano playing in the background. It was a little piece of heaven. The MC for the night was the wonderful Lorna Weightman, beauty blogger and regular contributor on XPOSE. She set the relaxed, fun tone to the evening. Jane Lewis, senior consultant at ESPA gave a fabulous talk on beauty tips for all ages. Throughout the talk, a demonstration took place in the garden of an ESPA facial. What a perfect, natural spot for a facial. I picked up an enormous amount of information and tips and went home with a world of knowledge from her superb talk. I love going to events where I come home with tips and tricks for the future. It allowed me to pick out the key areas, which relate to my skin and showed me how to improve my skin care routine.

Here are a few tips I picked up for all different ages:

20s:  In your twenties, your skin has a healthy glow and heals quickly. You tend to get away with things like taking off your makeup (even though you should always try to) in your 20s. Your skin is forgiving in your 20s.

30s: In your thirties you see small signs of aging. It’s important to take care of your skin in your thirties and make subtle changes to your skin routine. Your thirties are a key age for your skin.

40s: You will begin to see more noticeable aging. The subtle changes you made in your thirties will give your skin the support in your forties.

50s: In your fifties and onwards, it is all about protection of the skin.

I picked up plenty of tips throughout the evening. I am delighted to share them with you:

  1. Product will age your skin if you don’t need it.
  2. If trying a new product, it takes a month before you see results.
  3. Apply a less amount of products when you’re younger and gradually increase it as we get older.
  4. Boosters like serums are great but should not be used all the time. Good to give your skin a break and use them as a booster.
  5. Smoking and also the sun can cause premature aging. Be sure to be careful in the summer sun!
  6. Overcast weather is also damaging to the skin. Wind and rain can do as much damage as the sun so be careful.
  7. Eye cream is the best present you could get someone for their 21st Birthday. This is something you start using twice a week and as you start getting older you gradually increase.
  8. We all hate the dreaded dark circles under our eyes.  Everybody says it’s not enough sleep and this is part of it but not enough water can also cause it.


I surprised myself with the amount of tips I picked up throughout the evening. Before the night finished, Trevor Sheehan began to teach us all about the top cocktails of the summer and more importantly… how to make them! He made it look so easy! He gave us his top tips and tricks to create the perfect summer cocktails. I am all set now for the next BBQ, ready to impress friends and family with all the skills I have picked up. Everybody learned how to make Pimms, Tequila Sunrise, Bellini, Cosmo, Mohito and much more! Lots of great fun!

The night came to a close with some great tips on packing for the summer holidays with Lorna Weightman and we got a little taste for the trends for Autumn/Winter (not that we are wishing the summer sunshine away!!).

 A blissful evening enjoying the spa tips the sunshine. What more could you want… a perfect night.

Summertime Heaven

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