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Boutique Camping, Mount Druid

Blogger: Sinead

For those of you looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life, or simply looking for a change of scenery, Boutique Camping at Mount Druid needs to find a place on your to-do list! This glamping adventure has been one of my most memorable weekend breaks and for all the right reasons! Ideal for a couple, which is how I experienced Mount Druid, but it is also perfect for a group of friends.

The family run luxury camp site is nestled within the quaint village of Castletown Geoghegan, Co. Westmeath. This tiny village is located in between Mullingar and Tullamore but I would recommend using Google Maps or a Sat Nav if you are not familiar with the area.

We arrived at Mount Druid, not really knowing what to expect, knowing only that we were staying in a yurt and that it was in the middle of nowhere! We drove down the long drive way lined with freshly bloomed Snow Drops, Hyacinths and mature trees. We were met with what looked like an old converted farmhouse overlooking a field with white horses, funky sculptures, beautifully painted signage, a personalised VW van and a painted retro bicycle. We followed the sign for “Check In’s” up a couple of steps to Reception, where we were greeted by “Piddles” the resident dog. Soon after, we were welcomed by owner, Adrian, who escorted us to our yurt and gave us a quick rundown on the nearby amenities. The stove fire in the yurt was blazing, much to my delight, as I was a little concerned about the cold and Adrian gave us some back up fuel before he departed.

The yurt was decorated beautifully and kitted out with antique furniture as well as tea lights and lanterns. We soon realised that the candles and lanterns weren’t just for aesthetic appeal, but that there was no electricity. I should have anticipated this, as technically we were camping, but hadn’t given it much thought! However it was no big deal, as there was a fully operating Common Room/Kitchen, a stone’s throw away, where phones could be charged etc.

After we had dumped our luggage, we ventured up to check out the facilities in the Kitchen. On the way, we passed brightly coloured caravans equipped with matching picnic tables and cute little tin houses as well as more yurts with brightly coloured doors. The whole area was lit by giant draped fairy lights which gave the place a real festival feel. The kitchen came complete with long tables, three fridges, two gas ovens, a dishwasher, and oodles of crockery, pots, pans and cutlery. Strangely, no kettle though…boiling water on the hob it was! There is also a large decking area attached to the Kitchen which would be perfect for a BBQ in warmer weather.

As we hadn’t eaten since we left Cork, approximately 2 hours 45 minutes away, we headed into the village to grab a bite to eat. It wasn’t long before we discovered that there was nowhere to get food nearby, however there was a small grocery store where we picked up a pizza, a bottle of wine and a few items for a picnic the following day. I would definitely recommend purchasing a few items in a supermarket en route, as the shop is limited, although the shop owner is so nice it’s nearly worth going for the chat! The shop is within walking distance from the campsite and they also take card and give cashback if you’re stuck. As darkness had fallen, we cooked our food and then just relaxed in the yurt with a bottle of wine to be fresh for the following day.

In the morning we were woken gradually by the sunlight creeping through the skylight at the peak of the yurt. We wrapped up and made some breakfast before heading off to explore the site. There is a printable map available on the Mount Druid’s webpage which is very useful, although a little outdated. The whole parkland and the accommodation are currently undergoing a revamp, and because it is in transition at the moment, a few of the items on the map do not exist anymore, nothing major however and there is still plenty to see. We followed a sign for Oak Road, which is just passed the Shepard Huts, another accommodation option. This beautiful walk, which should keep you occupied for a few hours, is alive with nature, scattered with quirky bridges and runs past a number of exquisite lakes and plenty of picnic stops.

Upon returning to our yurt, we decided to take a spin to Mullingar to see what the town had to offer. We arrived at Mullingar, a town much bigger than I had expected, after a short drive of only 25 minutes. We browsed around and then stopped in a lovely bar called Number 1 for food and a hot whiskey, both of which were fantastic. The waitress was chatty and enthusiastic, and contributed Number 1’s great atmosphere.

We had dinner booked in The 4 *Bridge House Hotel, Tullamore for 8pm, so we headed back to Castletown Geoghegan for showers and to top up the fire in the yurt. Tullamore, once again was just a short drive from the site, approximately 30 minutes.  We enjoyed a glass of Prosecco with strawberries, in The Library bar, followed by a four course meal in the hotels Italian restaurant, Balcone Italiano. As it was Valentines Weekend, a fancy meal was a must, however on a normal weekend, any meal could be easily prepared in the Kitchen on site (a good idea if you’re on a budget too!)

After dinner we headed back to Mount Druid, abandoned the car and strolled up to the village, which was only a 7 minute walk, for a few drinks. There are 3 pubs in the Castletown Geoghegan, and we randomly picked The Drake Inn, which is on your right of the sites’ main entrance. It is the definition of a typical Irish pub, with old road signs and stuffed pheasants on the walls, as well as an array of photos from time gone by, wooden barrel furniture and even an anvil! The pub oozed character and devilment and is even known to be a frequent haunt of One Direction’s Niall Horan.

Overall, we had an amazing weekend, and even had ‘Piddles’ pop down to our yurt Sunday morning for a bit of fire time and to see us off. There are so many things to do on site and nearby but it certainly is what you make of it. Be prepared for minimal phone reception, carrying a lantern to the toilet and towel drying your hair, all of which add to the experience.  It is glamourous camping after all, and not a 5* hotel. You will also notice a lot of wedding related features on site as Mount Druid is a very popular wedding destination, with their very own tin chapel on location too, all of which makes it even more pretty!

I can only imagine how beautiful this location will be during the summer months and when they have finished renovations, which are due to be completed in March. I highly recommend a visit to Boutique Camping at Mount Druid. The yurts were great, and most come with 2 double beds, which if you didn’t mind sharing with a friend, would make a group trip here very affordable. For a bit more space the tin houses look really cool, are just newly built and there are three in a little sectioned off area. No matter what type of alternative accommodation you go for at Mount Druid, you’re guaranteed to have a ball if you make the most of the quirky surroundings.

Describe in a few words: Quirky. Relaxing. Scenic. Interesting. Creative. Alternative. Interesting.

QT Tips:

  1. Bring a torch.
  2. Pick up some some food and drink en route.
  3. Bring runners.
  4. Try the fish cakes in Number 1, Mullingar.


For further more details, check out their website www.boutiquecamping.ie or just pop them an email and they will answer any questions you might have. Happy glamping!



  1. Hi Sinead,

    Thank you so much for your blog. Its great. I remember you both from your stay. “Well did he pop the question ???” Also just to let you know that our workmen on site nicked the 2 kettles from Granny’s kitchen for their own use, the devils.

    All the best,

    Deirdre & Adrian Murphy

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