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A weekend of luxury in Sheen Falls

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Recently, we were busy planning the perfect weekend for my sister Ciara’s hen party. She didn’t want a ‘typical’ hen party and loves a little bit of luxury so it was our job to plan the perfect weekend for her and to make it a weekend to remember. We decided to plan a weekend of luxury at the Sheen Falls Lodges in Kenmare. As soon as we came down the windy country road towards the falls and we saw the beauty surrounding us, we knew it was going to be a great weekend of luxury and beauty.

The Sheen Falls is the perfect spot for a little bit of relaxation and luxury. The hotel overlooks the picturesque Sheen Falls, just outside the heritage town of Kenmare. We couldn’t have found a better location for the perfect relaxing and luxurious hen party for Ciara. The perfect escape.

We stayed in two villas just up from the Sheen Falls. Four-bedroomed villas situated in their private grounds. It was all ours: a roaring fire and elegant lounge, tastefully decorated double bedrooms, open-plan kitchen and dining, and a patio with stunning views over Kenmare Bay. What we loved about the villas was the fact that each villa had its own unique charm and character, you can enjoy spacious living, peace, quiet, unrivalled views. The villas provided us with the perfect setting to create great unique memories for Ciara on her big weekend before the big day. The villas allowed us to get to know the group, chat, bond, have fun and enjoy our surroundings at our own pace. The group was all together and allowed us all to get to know each other very quickly. You know we got it right when after an hour, Ciara was still running around admiring the amazing villa. She always says it’s was the nicest house she ever stayed in… now that’s a memory she will always have forever. It makes me smile and makes all the planning worthwhile.

We spent time in the villa and also up at the Sheen Falls hotel. It was magical. We relaxed in the beautiful spa and had a beautiful lunch in the hotel. The perfect spot. The Sheen Falls villas just lie up a country road from the Sheen Falls Hotels. It is fab to see people walking to and from the spa in their gowns and slippers. Pure relaxation in a country luxurious escape. That night we headed into Kenmare for dinner, drinks and celebrations.

It was worth all the planning when we saw how much Ciara loved and appreciate the whole weekend. She still talks about it as one of the best weekends of her life. Memories made with family and friends in the most luxurious setting. A weekend to remember forever for our own Marlyn Monroe.

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