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La Jolla Village – A World of Its Own

 Blogger: Lauren Lucy Crowley 

(Lauren is a born and bred Cork girl currently exploring and living in Southern California. She loves all things food, hiking, outdoor markets/ thrift stores and anything to do with animals. Keep an eye out here for her blog posts featuring some of her favourite gems throughout Southern California, and her upcoming trip around the world including Hawaii, Africa, Vietnam and Thailand).

I recently took a visit to La Jolla, a seaside village 12 miles north of downtown San Diego. The village is commonly known as the “jewel” of San Diego due to its fine dining, extravagant homes and upscale shopping – however the real jewels and grandeur of La Jolla can be found along its breathtaking, jagged coastline.

I began to walk along the coastline, when I spotted a few people looking down at one of the beaches and decided to wander over. For a few seconds I wondered why they were looking at the seaweed… or was it the rocks… all of a sudden I realized they were seals. The longer I looked down the more of them I saw… sprawled out on the sand not a care in the world, occasionally wriggling along the sand and making funny noises. I walked out onto a little bridge where I saw hundreds more seals swimming in the water, happy out! I could have watched them for hours!

As I continued to stroll along the coast Boulevard (approximately one mile long), I was overwhelmed by the golden beaches, secluded coves, and dramatic cliffs, which were home to squirrels, sea lions, more harbor seals and exotic birds. It was so unusual to see such wildlife at the beach!

Can you spot the squirrels?

The water is crystal clear and flat calm, making the area a very popular spot for kayaking and snorkeling.

Towards the end of the boulevard there is a cave store called “Sunny Jim”. What seemed like an average souvenir shop turned into a real adventure! For $4.00 per person you can climb down a very narrow, slippery staircase, right into a cave overlooking the whole harbor! Spectacular views, well worth the trek back up the stairs!

Restaurants: If you’re a fan of seafood and ice-cream you’ll be in heaven, there is a huge variety of delicious restaurants to choose from in La Jolla. I choose to luncheon in Cody’s, a trendy spot minutes from the beach. I left with my tummy full and my appetite satisfied, definitely recommend this spot.

Shopping: Whether you’re looking for haute couture, trinkets and souvenirs or just a stroll around the shops, this little village will be sure to please everyone. I stumbled upon a lovely store called Francesca’s collection. It was full to the brim of little treasures, and gifts, a range of beautifully dresses, and colourful jewellery all for a very reasonable price.

La Jolla is definately worth a trip; it’s a relaxed seaside village, with so much to offer! It really is a world of its own, a true SoCal gem!

Tips for your visit to La Jolla:

  • There is free on street parking along the coast boulevard, it is quite limited, so get there early to avoid the headache of driving up and down small alley ways and steep hills looking for a space, (I found out the hard way!).
  • Plan to spend the whole day there, because once you arrive, you won’t want to leave!
  • If you’re visiting during the summer months, be sure to plan around the free outdoor concert every Sunday from 2.00 pm in Scripps Park!
  • Surf boards, and boogie boards are prohibited on all the beaches, but don’t forget your snorkeling set. With such calm and clear waters… who knows what kind of friends you’ll make!
  • Although there are some super tasty restaurants in the area, it might be a good idea to bring a little picnic with water etc., as there are no supermarkets in walking distance.
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