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Island Hopping in Croatia: Sipnata

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

During our week island hopping with Sail Aweigh in Croatia, we experienced many QT gems. Places we stumbled upon sailing and places we went discovering through the maps and information books. One day, we stopped in the most amazing little gem for lunch. It was just a small alcove away from the main busy sailing area. We stopped there for a bite of lunch. All the boats were anchored up and people enjoying their lunches, sunbathing or jumping into the turquoise waters below.

 As you looked out of the alcove, you saw boats sailing by and possibly passing one the most amazing gems along the way. No restaurants, no bars, no land – just a gem at sea. All you had to do was anchor in the turquoise water and enjoy life. This is what it is all about. It made me think, instead of going into port a night, it would be a great idea to anchor in some amazing place like this and have a BBQ on the boat as you take in the breath taking surroundings. You are secluded from all the hustle and bustle of the towns. A perfect spot for some R&R.

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