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Island Hopping in Croatia: Betina

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Our second stop while island hopping in Croatia with Sail Aweigh was Betina. It was most definitely a town we wouldn’t forget. The charm, old style and spectacular views made it a place to remember. Betina Marina in Croatia is situated on the eastern shores of Murter, one of the biggest islands on the Dalmatian coastline. The marina was modern and well-serviced, home to a local yacht club, which had a beautiful bar/restaurant with bank, shop and chandlery. Just a short walk away lay the traditional town which takes your breath away.

The town itself was enchanting with the cobbled streets, traditional scenery. It felt almost as if you were stepping back in time with the old town buildings, old wooden boats and even the men bowling on the streets. Although it was a short walk away from the marina, it was well worth it to see the sights and traditional scenery of local fishing boats all tied up in the harbour.

We had dinner in a lovely restaurant. A lot of restaurants in Croatia cook on a open fire and the taste is just amazing. They are great for their mixed grills, steaks and fish. We had a great meal in a tasty restaurant by the water. (Note: Sometimes in Croatia you will be waiting for your food for a good bit, it’s just the way the dining experience is over there. Trust us, the wait is worth it with these open fire meals). Also if you find a pig on a spit over there, be sure to go and enjoy it. It was the highlight of Croatia for many on our trip.

A beautiful night spent here enjoying good food, good company and a breath taking sunset. Next morning brought with it the discovery of the ruins of an old roman village and a lovely swim before breakfast.

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